WAG 15-05-01: Family Assist

PM 15-05-01

new textSee Policy Memo: Verifications for Medical Programs.

new textUse the person's income from the last 30 days to project ongoing income unless a change in income is expected.

new textUse 'Best Estimate' When a Change in Income is Expected

If the person says the amount is expected to change or they have not received any wages yet, figure the amount of wages expected to be received by using best estimate. Best estimate is based on the person's statement of what the income will be.  For earned income, figure the amount of wages expected to be received based on:

  • the rate of pay or hourly wage,
  • the number of hours expected to work, and
  • the number of pays expected.

Document the method used to project the future income.

new textIncome Increases Over Family Assist Standard 

When a family's new or increased earned income or spousal support causes income to go over the Family Assist income standard, determine eligibility for Extended Medical (see PM 18-05-06).