PM 15-04-04-c: Maintenance Allowance - Child Under 21 (NH/SLF)

WAG 15-04-04-c

For an Revised textNH or SLF resident, allow a deduction from non-SSI income to meet the needs of a dependent child(ren) under age 21 if:

  • they do not live with the community spouse; and
  • they do not have enough income to meet their own needs. 

Deleted text

Do not allow this deduction from SSI income. If the clustomer has SSI and another income source, only allow a deduction up to the amount of the other income. This deduction is not mandatory and is only allowed to the extent income is actually contributed to the dependent child(ren).

To determine the dependent child(ren)'s needs:

  • Revised textUse the TANF Payment Level for Child Only cases (do not include the resident in the unit size). 
  • Allow any payments made on medical bills for the dependent child(ren).