PM 15-04-04-b: Family Maintenance Needs Allowance

 WAG 15-04-04-b

Family Maintenance Needs Allowance (FMNA) applies to persons who are eligible for AABD and receive Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS).  FMNA is not applicable for the ACA Adult group.

To qualify for FMNA:

  • the dependent family member(s) must live with the community spouse; and
  • dependent means the person is claimed by either spouse for tax purposes.

Family members include:

  • dependent children under age 21; or
  • dependent adult children; or
  • dependent parents of either spouse who reside with the community spouse; or
  • dependent siblings of either spouse who reside with the community spouse.

Allow the FMNA deduction:

  • from non-SSI income only: and
  • if the customer has SSI and another income source, only allow a deduction up to the amount of the other income.