PM 15-02-03-a: Nursing Home (NH)/Supportive Living Facility (SLF) Credit

WAG 15-02-03-a

Revised text When countable monthly income and/or excess nonexempt resources are equal to or less than the AABD Medical standard for one person, the case is regular medical. The person is eligible for payment of Medicaid-covered services for the full month.

When countable monthly income plus excess resources are less than the HFS rate, the state pays the difference. For customers in a nursing home, the amount the person is responsible for is called the Nursing Home Credit, also commonly referred to as the "Group Care Credit." For customers in an SLF, the amount the person is responsible for is called the SLF Credit. A bill or receipt for payment of the customer's share is not an allowable deduction when determining the person's nursing home credit or SLF credit for a future month.