WAG 14-12-02-a: TANF

  1. (System) Identifies a TANF case as TPS (see WAG 14-12-01).
  2. (System) Intake - refers the TPS case to TPS staff or to a contractor, as appropriate.
    1. Enters the TPS referral in the Work and Training section of Item 60:
      • Activity Code (ACT.): Enters 2 as the TPS designator, plus 715 for the referral indicator.
      • Activity Date (ACT. DATE): Uses the processing date as the activity date.
      • Activity Manager Code (MGR.): Accesses the Activity Manager Menu and assigns the case a TPS supervisory manager number.

        NOTE: Once a TPS supervisory manager number is assigned, the TPS supervisory manager changes the number upon assignment to a TPS case manager. 

      • Control Date (CON. DATE): Enters a date that is 60 days from the date entered under ACT. DATE.

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  1. (System) Active cases - lists the case on a report titled TPS Potential Cases - Monthly Update.
    1. Sends the report to the TPS contractor, as appropriate.
  2. (FCRC) If the minor parent is not living with a parent, adult relative, or legal guardian, or in a maternity home or other adult-supervised arrangement, and does not meet one of the exemptions to the minor live at home policy, document this on a referral to TPS via RD&C Referral (Form 2151C).