PM 14-12-00: Teen Parent Services

WAG 14-12-00.

The primary goal of Teen Parent Services (TPS) is to assist young parents applying for or receiving TANF, Family Assist, FamilyCare/All Kids Assist, Moms and Babies, SNAP benefits, Family Case Management, or WIC to complete their high school education or its equivalent and to reduce pregnancies. TPS also serves as an advocate for teen parents. Under Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy, TPS providers assist teens in obtaining needed verifications and following through with their application or request.

In addition, the program provides many services to help young parents obtain facts, services, and skills necessary to:

  • achieve and maintain adequate mental and physical health for the parent and their child(ren);
  • plan for their future well-being, including the delay of additional pregnancies; and
  • become self-supporting.

Program services are provided by TPS staff in the central and southern areas of Chicago. In other areas, contractors (such as health departments, community agencies, and schools) provide TPS services.

TPS staff and contractors are responsible for revising and monitoring the Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP) or the Service Plan in VCM. The Family Community Resource Center is responsible for the day-to-day casework responsibilities for TPS cases served by TPS contractors and TPS staff.