PM 14-07-00: Payee for Minor Parent Case (TANF)

WAG 14-07-00.

The payee is the person in whose name benefits are issued. Every benefit unit has a designated payee.

When a minor parent meets the live-at-home requirement (see PM 14-06-01), designate the adult relative (or for group homes, the supervising adult) with whom the minor parent lives as the payee (RPT) for the case. If the adult relative or supervising adult does not agree to act as payee, make the minor parent the payee.

To be RPT, the adult relative must be related to the children, live in the home, and be 18 or older.

The adult acts as payee until:

  • the minor parent reaches age 18, or
  • the minor parent moves to another acceptable living arrangement (where a new payee may be assigned), or
  • there is good reason to believe the payee is not properly fulfilling their responsibility to the minor parent and child.

See PM 16-01-00 for more information on who is named a payee for a case.