WAG 14-06-07-a: TANF Cases

  1. (FCRC) Remove the adult as RPT and restore the minor parent's name to Item 8 of Form 552. Take this action at the first REDE, or upon request, following the minor parent's 18th birthday.
    1. (FCRC) If the minor parent is not in the case due to receipt of SSI or some other reason, delete the Item 20 code.
    2. (System) If the minor parent is in the case, automatically deletes the Item 20 code from the case for the payment month in which the minor reaches age 18.
  2. (FCRC) Complete the back of Form 3606 and send the original to the minor parent and a copy to the former RPT.
  3. (FCRC) Describe the action in the case write-up.