WAG 14-06-02: Minor Parent Exempt from Live-At-Home Policy

PM 14-06-02.

  1. (FCRC) Verify the minor parent's statement.
  2. (FCRC) If the minor parent is exempt, record the reason for the exemption. No further action is needed.
    1. (Intake) Complete the Minor Parent Live-At-Home screens and provide details about the verifications in the case write-up.

      NOTE: Item 20 of the Form 552 is automatically coded to show the minor parent is exempt. 

    2. (IM) Complete Minor Parent Live-At-Home Verification (Form 3604).
    3. (IM) Enter one of the following codes in Item 20 of the Form 552:
      • 21 - Grantee has lived apart from parent/legal guardian for at least one year before the child's birth or before applying for TANF
      • 22 - Parent or legal guardian is deceased or their whereabouts are unknown
      • 23 - Parent/legal guardian will not allow grantee and child(ren) to live with them
      • 24 - Physical or emotional health or safety of grantee or child would be in danger if they lived with the parent/guardian
      • 25 - Grantee meets one of the criteria for good cause