PM 14-06-02: Minor Parent Exempt from Live-At-Home Policy

WAG 14-06-02.

Minor parents are exempt from the live-at-home requirement if:

  • The minor is or has been married.
  • The parent or guardian is deceased or their whereabouts are unknown.
  • The minor has lived apart from the parent or guardian for at least one year before the child's birth or applying for TANF.
  • The minor or the child's physical or emotional health or safety would be in danger if they lived with the parent or guardian.
  • The parent or guardian will not allow the minor and child to live with them.
  • The minor has one of the following good cause reasons to live apart from the parent or guardian:
    • the parent or guardian lives out-of-state, is in an institution, or is addicted to drugs or alcohol;
    • the minor's return to the parent or guardian's home would violate their lease or local health or safety standards; or
    • the minor is in a licensed substance abuse treatment program that would not be available if they returned to the parent or guardian's home.