PM 13-01-07: Child Support Income Exclusion

WAG 13-01-07.

revised manual textChild Support Income Exclusion

  • All court-ordered child support payments are treated as an income exclusion from the SNAP household's total gross monthly income when comparing to the Maximum Monthly Gross Income Standard for the household size. It is not allowed as an income deduction in the net benefit calculation.
  • If eligible, the household's countable income (after the exclusion) is used in the benefit calculation. The same procedure applies for expedited service and the benefits calculation
  • The amount of monthly child support payments may be excluded from the SNAP household's  gross monthly income when child support is required by a support order and payments are being made. Include payments for:
  • child support payments required by a support order; and

    • past due amounts; and
    • payments for other expenses, such as health insurance or rent, if required by a support order.
  • Payments must be made to, for, or on behalf of a person who is not a SNAP unit member. Do not allow alimony or spousal support payments, or voluntary child support payments. 
  • At initial application, REDE and when a change is reported, actual support payments made in the last 30 days is used to determine the child support income exclusion and is converted to a monthly amount. See PM 13-02-04  Converting Income and Deductions to a Monthly Amount.