WAG 13-01-03: Using Expenses As Deductions

PM 13-01-03.

If a claimed deductible expense must be verified and getting the proof would delay approval, tell the applicant that the application can be processed without the unverified expense.

If a deductible expense cannot be verified within 30 calendar days of the date of application, process the application without using the unverified expense. If the unit is ineligible without the expense, deny the application (see WAG 17-04-03).

If the unit later verifies the expense, recalculate benefits and, if eligible, provide increased benefits (see WAG 18-04-07).

If an expense could not be verified within the 30-day time limit due to the Family Community Resource Center's failure to allow the unit enough time to verify the expense, allow the expense. If necessary, issue supplemental benefits. If the unit would be ineligible without the expense, pend the application (see WAG 17-03-04-b).

Averaging an Expense Billed Less Often Than Monthly

A unit can choose to average an expense that is billed less often than monthly as follows:

  • Average it over the period of time between scheduled billings, or
  • If there is no predictable billing pattern, average the amount over the period of time the expense is intended to cover.

NOTE: The number of months that a billed expense can be averaged is only based on the above 2 items and not on the number of months in the approval period.

Scheduled Billings

Example: The approval period is 6 months, May through October. The unit receives a tax bill twice a year, in January and July. In July the unit is billed for taxes. Divide the entire amount of the current bill by 6, and use the average monthly amount for the remaining months of the approval period.

Averaging Onetime Only Expense

If a unit wants to average a onetime only expense, average the expense over the entire approval period in which the expense is billed.

Example: The approval period is 4 months, May through August. The unit expects to receive a onetime only insurance bill in July. Average the bill over 4 months.