AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) Appendices, Technical Assistance, and Questions & Answers (25-444-80-2809-01)

AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) Appendices:

AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) Technical Assistance Session

This technical assistance session will provide participants with an overview of the 25-444-80-2809-01 AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) Program Notice of Funding Opportunity and information on how providers can apply for FY25.

AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) Questions & Answers:

March 5, 2024:

  1. Question: Is the cap per grant awardee $500,000?
    Your grant request will depend entirely on the number and type of AmeriCorps members that you are requesting as part of your grant program.
  2. Question: The fixed rate in the NOFO is only the $800 or $1000, is there no place for the fixed rate of $25,000 or $27,000 in cost reimbursement AmeriCorps models?
    Please refer to Section B. Award and Funding Information of info on the amounts. IDHS: AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) (25-444-80-2809-01) Notice of Funding Opportunity (

March 13, 2024:

  1. Question: What is the specific title of NOFA in eGrants?
    The NOFA in eGrants will say: FY 2024 AmeriCorps State and Territory commission Fixed and EAP (New and Cont). The Grant Application ID is: 24ES264673.

March 15, 2024:

  1. Question: Is an Applicant Operational and Financial Management Survey (OFMS) required?
    Yes. Please refer to Section 4.b.i.c. of the NOFO.