WAG 11-02-07-b: Receipt of New Income

PM 11-02-07-b.

  1. (FCRC) When a client reports the receipt of new income, determine ongoing eligibility.
  2. (FCRC) Explain the HIPP Program and complete HIPP Inquiry (Form 3459A).
  3. (FCRC) Compare the anticipated nonexempt income to the anticipated amount of total needs to determine eligibility.
  4. (FCRC) If income exceeds needs, determine if the client is eligible for any other medical program, including Assist and All Kids.
  5. (FCRC) If nonexempt income does not exceed the anticipated total needs, budget the income prospectively using income-averaging.
    1. (FCRC) Submit Form 552 to reduce benefits.
    2. (System) Sends Form 157C when coded by caseworker to do so. Also sends AABD/Food Stamp Computation (Form 4050C).
    3. (FCRC) 5c. Send Form 157 and Form 4050 when central notice is suppressed.

Example 1: In October, Mr. R reports that in November he will begin receiving SSI of $579. For November, his anticipated amount of total needs, which includes the grant adjustment allowance, is $493.36. Since Mr. R's anticipated income ($579) exceeds his anticipated needs ($493.36), continued eligibility does not exist. Discontinue AABD Cash benefits effective November and determine his eligibility for Medical assistance.

Example 2: In September, Mrs. F provides verification that in October she will begin receiving SSA of $404 and SSI of $168 each month. Her total anticipated needs are $579.70 which includes the grant adjustment allowance.

Step 1: The anticipated total income $572 ($404 SSA and $168 SSI) does not exceed the total anticipated needs of $579.70, so the client remains eligible.

Step 2: Effective October, $572 is budgeted against the amount of total needs anticipated for October ($579.70).

$579.70 (needs) - $572 (income) = $7.70

Step 3: Effective October, authorize a benefit of $7.70.

Step 4: Submit Form 552 to reduce benefits. If Form 157C is centrally issued, AABD/Food Stamp Computation (Form 4050C) is also centrally issued with Form 157C. If central notice is suppressed, send Form 4050 with Form 157.