PM 11-01-07: Grant Adjustment

WAG 11-01-07

The "grant adjustment" allowance assures that the total amount of all SSI benefit increases since July 1977 remain available to AABD Cash customers.  The grant adjustment is the sum of all SSI benefit increases since 07/1977, and is adjusted whenever there is an SSI benefit increase.

AABD Cash customers residing in long term care facilities do not qualify for the grant adjustment.

For all other AABD Cash customers, regardless of whether or not they receive SSI benefits, authorize a grant adjustment of:

  • new text$764.90 for January 2024 and after, or
  • $10 for customers in Shelter Care or Homes not subject to licensing.
  • Historical information on the Grant Adjustment amounts is located in WAG 25-06-01.

Include the grant adjustment when determining AABD Cash eligibility for a noncitizen, age 65 or older, who meets the immigration requirements for medical assistance and was legally residing in the U.S. on 08/22/1996, and who has been denied SSI due to a finding of "not disabled."

When determining if a spouse or a parent of a child under age 21 has income available to meet the customer's needs, allow the grant adjustment when determining the needs of the spouse or parent if the spouse or parent is aged, blind, or disabled as defined by policy in PM 03-04-01, PM 03-07-00, or PM 03-08-00.

Do not allow the Grant Adjustment in determining the needs of an ineligible spouse or child when diverting the customer's income to meet the needs of the ineligible spouse or child.