WAG 10-04-01: Income of an Ineligible Parent

PM 10-04-01

When the ineligible parent has income to be budgeted against the TANF case, the income must be computed manually and entered in the appropriate field for the system to determine eligibility and compute the TANF benefit amount.

Employment Deductions

An employed parent in the home who is ineligible to be included in the benefit unit is entitled to the following earned income disregards:

  • business expenses from self-employment income;
  • the adult/teen/child care disregard, if applicable; and
  • a "per-person" share for the ineligible parent and for any other dependents living in the home who are not included in the TANF unit.

Do not allow the revised text3/4 earned income deduction.

Budget the income using code 602 or 603 in Item 90 of Form 552.