WAG 10-02-02-d: Budgeting Examples

Example 1:

Mr. and Mrs. J are applying for TANF for themselves and their 2 children. One child receives SSI. Mrs. J is employed. Her gross monthly income is anticipated to be $1000.

Gross earned income Amount
Mrs. J's Earnings $ 1000
Initial Employment Deduction* Revised manual material-366
Child's earnings + 0
Gross unearned income + 0 (SSI income is exempt)
Total projected monthly income Revised manual material634
Payment Level for 3 (Mrs. J., Mr. J., & one child) Revised manual material549

Income exceeds Payment Level; therefore, the family is not eligible for TANF Cash.*IES will automatically review for medical coverage.

Example 2:

Ms. P lives with her 3 children. She is employed. She earns $200 a week. Therefore, convert income to a monthly amount, see PM 10-01-03-a and her anticipated earnings are $860.

Compare Income to the Payment Level

Prospective gross income $ 860
revised manual materialInitial employment deduction* updated manual material-442
Total prospective income updated manual material418
Payment Level Revised manual material 662

Prospective income does not exceed the Payment Level. Therefore, income is compared to the Payment Level to figure the benefit amount.

Compare Income to the Payment Level to Figure the Benefit Amount

Gross earned income $ 860
Subtract 3/4 earned income -645
Nonexempt income 215
Payment Level updated manual material662

updated manual materialMs. P is eligible for a cash benefit of $447 ($662 - $215).

* See WAG 25-03-02 (1)