WAG 10-01-06: Adding or Deleting a Person With Income

PM 10-01-06.

The addition or deletion of a TANF unit member cannot be completed through ACM. This action must be completed through the submittal of Form 552.

Use the following procedures, completed manually, when a person with unearned income is to be added to a TANF benefit unit.

  1. Figure eligibility prospectively. Anticipate the income to be received for the payment month by the person being added and the other benefit unit members.
  2. If eligibility exists, figure the benefit amount for the payment month for which the person is being added to the benefit unit. Use:
    • the income anticipated for the payment month for the person being added,
    • the increased benefit unit size for the payment month, and
    • the other benefit unit member's income and deductions from the appropriate budget month.
  3. Figure the amount of the IPE to cover the period of unmet need by budgeting the income anticipated to be received during the period of unmet need by the person being added.
  4. See WAG 25-07-09 for specific procedures for computing the amount of the IPE.
  5. If the person is prospectively eligible to be added to the benefit unit, but their anticipated income for the IPE period exceeds the prorated Payment Level amount, add them to the benefit unit for the next regular roll month.

When deleting a person who has left the home, delete their income as well.