PM 10-01-03: Monthly Budgetable Income

WAG 10-01-03.

Determine total monthly income by adding together:

  • total prospective gross earned income and
  • total prospective gross unearned income.

See PM 08-01-02 for earned income deductions.

Exempt the following income when determining eligibility:

  • Income diverted to meet the needs of ineligible family members not included in the TANF unit.
  • All earned income of a dependent child.
  • All Job Corps income of a dependent child.
  • All WIA unearned income, i.e., need-based payments, cash assistance, compensation in lieu of wages, and allowances through the WIA.
  • Income from college work-study or AmeriCorp VISTA.
  • Supportive Service Payments.
  • All unearned income listed as exempt (see PM 08-01-07).