Bureau of Planning and Strategic Management

Bureau of Planning and Strategic Management

The Bureau of Planning and Strategic Management (BPSM) is one of six Bureaus within the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) which consolidates mandated administrative and reporting requirements of all employment and independent living related programs to ensure the expectations of customers are met and the internal goals and guiding principles of the Division are maintained.

BPSM has four units under its umbrella: Auditing, Data Analysis, Quality Assurance, and Assistive & Information Technology Support. This particular Bureau provides support and direction to central office staff within the Division, including employees working directly with our customers.

BPSM FY 23 Highlights

Over the past fiscal year, there is much to note. The highlights include:

  • Audits transitioned the following duties and responsibilities into its auspices: represented Title IV as a member of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) work group, collaborating with other Titles; coordinated several program Compliance, Financial, and Single Audits.
  • Data Analysis provided data support and technical assistance to numerous reporting projects and programs that included: Subminimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment (SWTCIE); Qualtrics; Staff Appreciation and Customer Satisfaction Survey; Equity and Racial Justice Act (ERJA).
  • Quality Assurance provided quarterly, and annual audit summaries of audits conducted in the HSP and VR programs, and special audits.
  • AITS initiate a plan to visit each Field Office, meeting with DRS employees to answer any hardware/software questions; provide each office with a tailored in-service; help surplus old equipment; and prepare for the FY25 computer refresh.

Vision for FY24

BPSM's vision for FY24 runs parallel to that of the Division. Supporting our customers in living where and as they want; and working competitively in the job of their dreams is paramount. BPSM recognizes that to achieve not only the overarching vision of DRS but the goals of each individual four units, mandates that we refocus. We conceptualize a second set of customers, our peer group, and colleagues. Providing support to our employees as we work collaboratively as part of DRS' team, is the way in which BPSM will position itself to reach for the goals perpetually moving ahead of us.