PM 09-03-01-g: Unemployment Insurance Benefits

WAG 09-03-01-g.

An unemployed person may be eligible for UIB if they:

  • worked in at least 2 of the first 4 of the 5 most recent calendar quarters before the month of filing for UI;
  • earned and was paid at least $1,600 gross wages from an insured employer during the base period for his benefit year and earned and was paid at least a total of $440 gross wages in 3 of the 4 quarters excluding the quarter in which the earnings were the highest; and
  • are able, willing, and available to accept employment.

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TANF clients exempt from work and training participation are not required to apply for UIB.

In difficult economic times, DES may offer Supplementary Unemployment Assistance (SUA) for farmworkers, domestic workers, city and county government employees, and others not routinely covered by UI. SUA also covers some claimants before their eligibility for UI benefits.