WAG 09-03-01-d: Veterans Benefits

PM 09-03-01-d.

Refer applicants and clients who want to know about eligibility for veterans benefits to the:

    • Veteran's Administration;
    • Illinois Veteran's Committee; or
    • County Veteran's Assistance Commission.

      NOTE: Help may also be obtained from local organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Disabled American Veterans. 

  1. Obtain information about VA benefits by getting the signed authorization of the veteran or their next of kin to release information. Use HFS 1301, Request to the Veterans Administration, to inquire about VA benefits. Send HFS 1301 to the:

    Veterans Administration
    2030 West Taylor Street
    Chicago, IL 60612 

The applicant or client is expected to choose the plan that will assure them the most benefits.