WAG 09-03-01-b: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

PM 09-03-01-b.

SSA issues SSI information through SOLQ and SDX, to help determine initial or ongoing eligibility.

NOTE: Adults who qualify for both TANF Cash and SSI must accept the SSI. A person cannot receive TANF Cash and SSI at the same time. But a person can receive TANF MANG and SSI at the same time.

  1. Only use an SSA 1610-U2 as a part of the application or REDE process to:
    • resolve a conflict between evidence and data shown in the SOLQ files; or
    • secure historical data not provided by SOLQ.
    1. To use SSA 1610-U2:
      • Complete Consent to Release of Information (Form 34) to request the specific information sought from SSA. Clearly state on Form 34:
        • the type of information to be disclosed;
        • the purpose for which it is to be used;
        • the duration of the consent (not to exceed 90 days); and
        • that SSA is the agency authorized by the person to disclose the requested data.
      • Attach Form 34 to SSA 1610-U2 and submit to SSA.

NOTE: SSA will return the request unanswered if Form 34 is not attached, or fails to have the client's consent, name, case number, and SSN.


A client's SSI account is identified by their SSN. One of the following codes may appear with the SSN to identify the type of beneficiary:

  • AI - Aged Individual
  • AS - Aged Spouse  
  • BC - Blind Child
  • BI - Blind Individual 
  • BS - Blind Spouse 
  • DI - Disabled Individual
  • DC - Disabled Child
  • DS - Disabled Spouse