WAG 09-03-01-a: Social Security

PM 09-03-01-a.

Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) provides monthly cash payments for eligible:

  • retired workers age 62 and over;
  • insured disabled workers under retirement age; and
  • wives, divorced wives, husbands, children (including stepchildren and adoptive children), widows, widowers, and parents of insured persons.
  1. Tell the client to apply at their local Social Security Administration (SSA) office when it appears they may be eligible for any RSDI benefits. See PM 09-03-01-a for an explanation of the RSDI Program.
  2. Verify RSDI benefits by using the BENDEX System, State Online Query (SOLQ) inquiry, or by viewing:
    • an RSDI check;
    • an award letter which is less than 6 months old; or
    • bank documents for clients who deposit their RSDI benefits.

      The SSA will not provide information if the information could be obtained from the BENDEX or SOLQ. 

  3. If the information provided by the BENDEX system is used as proof, file the BENDEX Data Exchange Report (Job #R1581240) in the case record. See WAG 22-14-03-a for information regarding BENDEX.
  4. If SOLQ is used as proof, file the SOLQ response in the case record.

NOTE: Resolve any conflict between other evidence and data shown in the SOLQ files, e.g. an identification problem. Secure historical data not provided by the SOLQ by using SSA-1610-U2, Social Security - Public Assistance Agency, Information Request and Report.