PM 09-02-00: Support From Relatives (Non-Child Support Programs) (Cash, Medical)

WAG 09-02-00

The only relatives who are legally required to provide support are:

  • Spouses: Spouse for spouse, whether living together or not;
  • new textCivil Union Partners (TANF only): Partner for partner, whether living together or not;
  • Parents: Parent(s) for children (including married children) under 18 years of age, except for a child of any age who has married, regardless of the current marital status, who is not living with the parent(s).

See PM 10-04-03 for revised textIncome of an Excluded Spouse/Civil Union Partner and PM 10-04-04 for Parental Liability.

See PM 24-01-01 for responsible relative situations covered under Child Support policy.

Other persons in the home are responsible for their own needs, including their share of common household expenses.