WAG 09-01-06: Determining the Sponsor's Assets

PM 09-01-06

  1. Figure the total amount of assets of the sponsor and the sponsor's spouse (if living together).

    text revisedExample 1 (AABD cash): Mr. C and his wife live in Chicago and sponsored a noncitizen 2 years ago. They have:

    $1,740 Bank account
    5,000 Cash value of insurance policy
    6,740 Total assets
    -2,000 Sponsor's AABD asset limit
    $4,740 Amount available to noncitizen

    Example 2 (SNAP): Mr. J and his wife sponsored a noncitizen in March 1995. They have $2,000 in a bank account.

    $2,000 Bank account
    -1,500 Sponsor's SNAP asset limit
    $ 500 Amount available to noncitizen 

    Consider the amount over the asset limit as available income to the noncitizen. 

  2. For TANF and AABD, use Code 549 - Liability of a Sponsor, in Item 90 of Form 552, or the appropriate ACM screen, to show the amount of the sponsor's text revisedincome for AABD and TANF, and assets for AABD that are available to the noncitizen.
  3. For SNAP, use code 751 in Item 91 of Form 552 to show the amount of the sponsor's assets and income available to the noncitizen.