PM 09-01-00: Sponsors of Noncitizens (Cash, SNAP)

WAG 09-01-00

text revisedFor AABD Cash, SNAP, and TANF, a portion of the income of a person who sponsors a noncitizen is used to meet that noncitizen's needs. A sponsor's assets are considered for AABD Cash and SNAP. Certain noncitizens are not subject to sponsor liability. Sponsor liability does not apply to Medical cases.

For SNAP benefits, if the sponsor signed an affidavit prior to 12/19/97, sponsor liability applies for 3 years only. If the sponsor signed a new affidavit, the liability applies indefinitely. Sponsor liability only applies to those noncitizens who are eligible for SNAP benefits due to being an active military person, a veteran or their spouse or dependent, and who do not have 40 qualifying quarters of work.