WAG 08-04-00: SNAP

PM 08-04-00

A new application is not required when a SNAP household is ineligible for the fiscal month of application but is eligible for the following month.

  1. revised manual textVerify all nonexempt income.
  2. new manual textVerify exempt income only when questionable.
  3. Document the verification in the revised manual materialcase comments in IES and upload the verification in the ECR.
  4. Tell the SNAP household to report receipt of income.
  5. Change the income for the rest of the approval period when income is reported.
  6. Do not file a claim when income that could not be anticipated is received later in the same fiscal month.

Note: The gross monthly income of the SNAP household must be verified before a SNAP application can be denied for income being over the income standard for the household size (WAG 13-01-01-a). A SNAP application cannot be denied based solely on the applicant's statement of the household's income.

Example: Mr. J applies for SNAP for himself, his wife and 3 children. At the interview Mr. J states he is employed and earns around $4,500 monthly. The gross monthly income standard for a household of 5 is $4,149. The HSC does not have proof of Mr. J's income at the time of the interview to determine if it actually exceeds the gross monthly income standard for a household of 5. The HSC gives Mr. J a Verification Checklist (IL444-0267) to request his paystubs and allows 10 calendar days for return. If Mr. J returns his paystubs, the HSC can determine if his income exceeds the standard and may deny the application for that reason. If Mr. J does not return his paystubs, the application is denied because he failed to provide verification and eligibility cannot be determined.

new manual materialExample: Ms. B comes in for her scheduled SNAP redetermination interview. She states she receives a monthly check from Cook County Promise Program. She provides a letter from the program that states she will receive $500 a month for the next 24 months as a relief effort from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because she has provided verification of the income she is receiving and this income is exempt upon receipt of verification, it will remain exempt and will not be budgeted towards her SNAP benefits.