Meet Past Funding Recipients

This is a list of the past Funding Recipients from the original Healing Illinois grant in 2021. 

Entity Funding Program Description County Region
ABRAHAM LINCOLN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY FOUNDATION $32,000.00 No Malice Film Project, young people (ages 11-21) will submit short films addressing racial healing. Sangamon 4
ACCESS LIVING OF METROPOLITAN CHICAGO $20,000.00 Internal racial equity work and Racial Justice campaign focused on alternatives to police response for individuals experiencing psychiatric crisis. Cook 1
ADA 25 ADVANCING LEADERSHIP $12,000.00 Programming addressing racism, anti-Blackness and white supremacy both at the structural level of the organization and within its leadership program. Cook 1
SINAI COMMUNITY INSTITUTE $32,000.00 Uncomfortable Conversations, a series of conversations between neighborhood residents, governing board members of Chicago Youth Center, West Side United and members of the Corporate Coalition. Cook 1
ARAB AMERICAN FAMILY SERVICES $30,000.00 Storytelling and dialogue program, AAFS will bring together diverse intergenerational voices to explore commonalities in their lived experiences around the themes of struggle, resistance and healing. Cook 1
AREA AGENCY ON AGING FOR LINCOLNLAND INC $14,000.00 Multi-county discussion on the effects of racism on aging services in rural areas of Illinois. Sangamon 4
ASIAN AMERICANS ADVANCING JUSTICE - CHICAGO $15,000.00 Bystander Intervention trainings in partnership with Hollaback! and the Council on American Islamic Relations Chicago to address anti-Asian racism. Cook 1
ASSOCIATION FOR INDIVIDVAL DEVELOPMENT $30,000.00 Open Dialogues about racial equity and justice among internal and external partners. The dialogues will facilitate the development of a training curriculum to enhance knowledge and understanding of racial justice and racial healing. Kane 2
AUGUSTANA COLLEGE $30,000.00 Augustuna College will offer a series of facilitated sessions to promote conversations in the campus and broader community to build empathy, affirm identities and reaffirm shared humanity. Rock Island 3
Batavia Community Diversity Initiative $12,000.00 Building Belonging in Batavia, a series of activities to educate residents and elected officials on racial equity and social justice. Kane 2
BECOME INC $12,000.00 Conversations focused on intergenerational trauma caused by systemic racism and community healing sessions. Cook 1
Blair Thomas & Company $14,000.00 Artist Jerrell L. Henderson's one person show, I Am The Bear, focuses on the artist's expeirence of being racially profiled by police as a child. The show will be documented and serve as a free, online educational tool for those teaching and studying racial bias. Cook 1
CAMP NEW HOPE INC $5,000.00 Racial equity trainings for Camp New Hope board, staff to learn about equity vs equality in the camping environment, including how it shows up in engagement, marketing and microaggressions. Coles 4
CASA CENTRAL SOCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION $40,000.00 2/3 United, a coalition of more than 50 Black and Brown leaders unifying to develop innovative approaches to build racial solidarity, and a commission of artwork depicting the activism, collaboration and unity of the African American and Latinx communities. Cook 1
CENTER FOR ADVANCING DOMESTIC PEACE INC $12,000.00 Series of conversations designed to encourage reflection and dialogue to identify specific steps to support racial healing within domestic violence prevention work. Cook 1
CHADDOCK $13,000.00 Promoting Dialogue Within Our Community, a book study for 100 educators utilizing "Courageous Conversations About Race" by Glenn E. Singleton. Adams 4
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District $30,000.00 A series of workshops focused on racial healing, culturally competent dialogue, and restorative conversations aimed at MTD leadership and front-line employees Champaign 3
Chicago Dancemakers Forum $4,000.00 Participation in Vegas Partners' LEID Lab, a training designed for White leaders who are committed to racial justice. Cook 1
CHICAGO PUBLIC ART GROUP $14,000.00 Chicago Public Art Group, in collaboration with the Bronzeville Blues Collaborative, will create a new community mural celebrating the blues history of Bronzeville on or near 43rd street/Muddy Waters Drive to bring community together and create a vision and celebration of Black creativity. Cook 1
CHICAGO UNITED FOR EQUITY $32,000.00 The People's Budget, a community-led participatory budgeting process focused on communities with historical disinvestment. Cook 1
CHICAGO URBAN LEAGUE $30,000.00 In partnership with the 2/3 United coalition, Chicago Urban League will support development of a plan to engage Black and Brown communities focused on creating a social movement. Cook 1
CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN $30,000.00 Healing Racism Congregations & Communities Project, opportunity for congregations to meet and learn together and participate in racism trainings. Kane 2
City Colleges of Chicago Harry S. Truman College $20,000.00 Facilitate racial healing circles for students, faculty and staff in Harry S. Truman and Wilbur Wright College. Cook 1
City of Rockford Human Services Department $30,000.00 Formation of a citizen advisory board focused on racial reconciliation and community oversight for the police and fire departments. Winnebago 2
CONTEXTOS NFP $14,000.00 ConTextos' Into a Black Beyond (IABB), an intergenerational digital writing Circle co-created by and for Black Chicagoans. This Authors Circle will be a space of healing and power-building centering the perspectives of emerging leaders who have deep personal experience with the impact of racial trauma and injustice and who will collectively author a new story of Chicago that lifts Black voices. Cook 1
CS PLUS X FOUNDATION $12,000.00 Talking Techquity: Advancing Racial Equity through Technology, workshops designed to understand the historical and current obstacles to more equitable access to technology and knowledge, and set forth a vision for moving forward Champaign 3
DEEPLY ROOTED PRODUCTIONS $12,000.00 Dance Stories, a virtual performance illustrating the harms of racism, while celebrating Black music and stories. Cook 1
DELIVERANCE TEMPLE COGIC $14,685.00 Peace Meals, a series of four discussion over dinner, led by a trained facilitator, taking on a journey from identification with one another to appreciation of differences, and then from understanding of our differing experiences of the same culture to a commitment to act in solidarity with one another. Madison 5
ELMHURST ART MUSEUM $12,000.00 Internal trainings for museum staff, board and stakeholders on the role museums in addressing racial equity. The multiple workshops will culminate with a public virtual convesation with residents of DuPage and Kane counties. DuPage 2
ENDELEO INSTITUTE INC $12,000.00 In partnership with the African American Leadership and Policy Institute (AALPI), two conversations focused on informing a U.S Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Cook 1
FAITH IN PLACE $12,000.00 Collaborative Faith Action to Advance Racial Healing, a series of discussion of two racial healing boks and racial healing circles. Cook 1
FAMILY SERVICE AGENCY OF DEKALB COUNTY INC $30,000.00 Launch a Belonging Council to address the underlying systems that have created the conditions that allow racial disparities to exist. DeKalb 2
FRIENDS OF THE CORONADO $12,000.00 LISTEN project will bring community members together to film performance artists and narrations by people of color on the stage of the Coronado Theatre for the purpose of promoting conversations, understanding and facilitating learning for restorative justice and racial healing. Winnebago 2
GAP Community Center $12,000.00 Virtual community panels promoting dialogue and racial healing between Austin and Belmont Cragin communities, and cultural intelligence training for the staff of two community-serving organizations to better serve residents. Cook 1
Gilloury Institute Silk Road Rising $12,000.00 Black Teen Lives Matter, a virtual project that will honor the stories of young people and the ways they perceive themselves in the world. Their work will be produced as a series of videos as part of a community engagement program for Chicago schools and the public that will contribute to America's racial healing. Cook 1
Governors State University Foundation $30,000.00 Soul of the Southland, series of art-making, media, and education activities -listening, empowering community voices to speak and apply culturally competent behaviors in their daily lives, and artistic expression promoting racial healing. Will 2
HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL FOUNDATION OF ILLINOIS INC $13,000.00 Anti-Racist Training Initiatives, a series of trainings to support knowledge and understanding of racial justice and implicit bias for Chicago Police Department officers and recruits, k-12 educators, and IHMEC public-facing volunteers. Cook 1
IL MUSLIM CIVIC COALITION $12,000.00 Off the Record Roundtable Conversations, a series of dialogues focused on racial equity in DuPage County. DuPage 2
ILLINOIS COALITION FOR COMMUNITY SERVICES $12,000.00 The Next Chapter of Healing Project, a book club focused on racial injustices to build better understanding of Black and Latinx history and cultures while fabricating a deeper interpersonal connection among participants. Sangamon 4
ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY $32,000.00 In honor of MLK Day, the School of Theatre Arts at IL Wesleyan University will host a campus-wide event featuring Brownbody, a BIPOC-led performance company who will support the development of pedagogical approaches to promote undoing racism and using movement to facilitate healing wounds resulting from the trauma of racial oppression. McLean 3
INDO AMERICAN CENTER INC $25,000.00 Conversations and educational activities to undo racism and to connect the collective progress in South Asian communities to the Civil Rights struggle in the Black community. Cook 1
LAKE COUNTY CRISIS CENTER FOR THE PREVTN & TRMT OF DOM VIOLENCE INC $30,000.00 Train racial healing practitioners from Lake County-based agencies to facilitate spaces where people can share, and build a more equitable, welcoming Lake County. Lake 2
LATINO POLICY FORUM $30,000.00 Engagement of Multicultural Leadership Academy's alumni in presentations on race relations and racial healing, and facilitate public healing circles for Latinx, Afro-Latinx and African-Americans. Cook 1
LITTLE BLACK PEARL WORKSHOP $25,000.00 Narrative Change initiative, a series of trainings and virtual actities to encourage dialogue, enhance understanding of racial justice and build connections across communities. Cook 1
LOGAN SQUARE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOC INC $35,000.00 Writing Our Own Stories project aims to create culturally relevant, anti-racist curricula so children see their own lives reflected in books in their community schools and feel proud of their families' identities. LSNA will also provide a Black and Brown-centered history-based organizing and resistance webinar workshop series for parents, teachers, and community members. Cook 1
SHRIVER CENTER ON POVERTY LAW $35,000.00 Advancing Racial Equity in Illinois Project, featuring external conversaions highlighting issues confronting BIPOC individuals living in poverty. Cook 1
MAHOMET AREA YOUTH CLUB $4,000.00 Community healing project designed to promote understand of equity, diversity and inclusion. Champaign 3
MANDALA ARTS $13,000.00 Beaten Path, a collaboration of dance and music between artists of color that speaks to the mental agony they faced due to their culture and race being misunderstood. Cook 1
MCDERMOTT CENTER $13,000.00 Helping the Helpers, a racial healing initiative designed to expertly facilitate conversations with Haymarket Center's staff to explore, within safe and confidential spaces, systemic racism's insidious, traumatizing effect on mental health. Cook 1
MENTAL HEALTH LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE INC $12,000.00 The Kennedy Forum Illinois will focus on discussing trauma and healing for Black Illinoisans through a racial equity lens, which challenges "traditional" mental health approaches and examines opportunities for collective healing through the dismantling of systemic racism and emphasizing community strengths. Cook 1
METROPOLITAN FAMILY SERVICES $32,000.00 The Racial Equity, Inclusion & Justice Action Plan, a roadmap to heal from the harms caused by racism. Cook 1
MUSIC AND DANCE THEATER CHICAGO INC. $5,000.00 Antiracism trainings, covering the roots of systemic racism in the United States and the manifestations of white supremacy in the workplace are created and led by Enrich Chicago with Chicago Regional Organizing for Antiracism (CROAR). Cook 1
N THE SPIRIT INC $12,000.00 Virtual community panels promoting dialogue and racial healing between Austin and Belmont Cragin communities, and cultural intelligence training for the staff of two community-serving organizations to better serve residents. Cook 1
NAPERVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETY $30,000.00 The Naperville Heritage Society (NHS) is seeking to facilitated learning to support qualitative panel discussions and an online survey for Illinois K-12 teachers as part of its truth and reconciliation project, Unvarnished. DuPage 2
NATIONAL YOUTH ADVOCATE PROGRAM $50,000.00 NYAP will implement Peace Circles in Garfield Park, Englewood, and North Lawndale. Peace Circles will be utilized in three ways. First, responsive peacemaking will be implemented after an incident occurs, and used to repair conflict. Second, proactive peace education and training will be provided to participants. Lastly, the Peace Circles will be used as a teaching tool for communication and collective decision making. Franklin 5
NEW DAY EMPLOYMENT NETWORK NFP $12,000.00 New Day Employment Network (NDEN) is proposing a series of events designed to encourage activity and awareness within communities for people to discuss their feelings of stress and anxiety due to racial tension, particularly racial profiling leading to incarceration. Will 2
NEW LIFE IN CHRIST INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHURCH $30,000.00 The project will promote conversations centered around racism & community relations in order to impact interactions/integrations between the collective efforts as civic, religious and community organizations, and citizens. St. Clair 5
NORTH RIVER COMMISSION $15,000.00 The project will convene Youth conversations/Racial Healing Circles w/ teens of various ethnic/racial groups. Youth will share personal and group race-related experiences and feelings and listen to the experiences of others; and share the impact of those experiences on their view of self, others and the world. Cook 1
NORTHWEST SIDE HOUSING CENTER $25,000.00 Through organizing facilitated trainings and discussions, staff will develop more unified language and understanding of systemic racism, anti-Blackness in the Latinx community, and how to create a culture of non-punitive accountability. These tools will help to have new and more productive conversations about racism amongst ourselves, with our program participants, and with the Belmont Cragin community. Cook 1
Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau $12,000.00 Participants go through progressive rounds of conversation, each addressing one question and sharing their ideas for improving economic opportunities and racial equity. Peoria 3
POETRY CENTER OF CHICAGO $13,000.00 Racial Justice through Poetry Program will host four poet-led sessions to generate connection, empathy, and form the basis for conversations about the many ways that race shapes our individual human experience and our interactions with each other. Cook 1
PRESENCE CHICAGO HOSPITALS NETWORK $30,000.00 The Healing Humboldt Park and West Town project will provide trainings, webinars, discussion groups, and speakers at AMITA Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center (SMEMC) to educate hospital staff on health disparities and the barriers communities of color face in accessing quality healthcare. DuPage 2
QUINCY COMMUNITY THEATRE $12,000.00 Quincy Community Theatre and Teen Reach will partner to develop a project that will recruit up to 12 middle- and high-school aged students to begin devising an original performance piece inspired by the students' real-life experiences with racial injustice, racial amity, and coming-of-age in modern America. Adams 4
REMY BUMPPO THEATRE COMPANY $12,000.00 Remy Bumppo Theatre Company will facilitate learning about the impact of racial trauma, advance understanding of racial healing, and develop an action plan to become an actively anti-racist institution. Cook 1
Roselle Public Library District $8,000.00 This project aims to introduce and promote anti-racist ideas and practices to both Roselle Public Library staff and to all members of the Roselle, IL community. Library staff will be trained in anti-racist ideas and practices via virtual training sessions, and library staff will enact a Community Read initiative encompassing books focusing on racism and anti-racism. DuPage 2
TEATRO VISTA THEATRE WITH A VIEW INC $15,000.00 Will host a three 4-hour virtual racial healing workshops flead by the facilitators at Radio Caña Negra who specialize in creating environments that offer self-reflection, & acknowledgement of anti-Black thoughts, actions, beliefs, & ideologies & support for learning & action. Cook 1
THE BLACK STAR PROJECT $12,000.00 The Black Star Project (TBSP) will partner with Community TV Network (CTVN) and others to implement an Anti-Racism Healing Circle program for youth on the South and West sides of Chicago. Cook 1
THE HANA CENTER $35,000.00 HANA Center will develop and implement a Rasing Racial Literacy program for a multi-generation of Asian American immigrants to address anti-Blackness and build active allyship within communities. Cook 1
UNITED CONGREGATIONS OF METROEAST $15,000.00 Will bring together diverse groups from communities in Madison and St. Clair counties and engage participants in exercises and discussions around race, equity and implicit bias. St. Clair 5
United Way of Lake County $7,900.00 UWLC's Women United (WU) will launch a multifaceted outreach effort to promote dialogue through community town halls and roundtables, encourage community collaboration through interracial service projects and facilitate learning through community fact sheets and toolkits. Lake 2
UNIVERSITY OF ST FRANCIS $30,000.00 Dr. Elva Dawson Pause for Justice Day of Dialogue: a 4 hour virtual program with 4 guest speakers.Participants will understand the characteristics of racism and how to be better allies to people of color. Additionally, The University of St. Francis will host community book discussions. Participants will focus on historical events of racism and draw upon current events and how they are perceived in our community. Will 2
URBANA CHAMPAIGN INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER $11,100.00 The project will produce a series of videos about racial healing in the Urbana Champaign area. Champaign 3
XILIN ASSOCIATION $15,000.00 Trainings to develop staff's knowledge on law enforcement and court systems. DuPage 2
YWCA OF LAKE COUNTY $30,000.00 FYI need to ask for budget; Will facilitate learning by developing seven curricula and training up to 120 individuals during the grant timeframe. The three target audiences for these trainings are 1) students and educators, 2) businesses and government, and 3) the broader community through the proposed Antiracism 101 Train-the-Trainer. Lake 2
Chicago Media Project $10,000.00 To support Best Seat in the House, virtual gatherings featuring a film focused on racial equity, followed with roundtable discussion to discuss how films illuminate systemic racism and how to talk about it. Cook 1
Chicago Video Project $30,000.00 To support the online screening and panel discussion of The Color Tax: Origins of the Modern-Day Racial Wealth Gap. DuPage, Lake, Will, Cook 2
Community Renewal Society $10,000.00 To support racial healing circles Cook 1
Genesis at the Crossroads $30,000.00 To support Sounds of Healing program designed to examine how to reach across divides to share personal/cultural identity to be known, to heal community fractures and negotiate barriers to build peace. Cook 1
Jewish Council on Urban Affairs $20,000.00 To support a series of events sponsored by Jews of Color Kol or Caucus, their Or Tzedek teens and college-aged students, and through their membership training program that works with stakeholders to understand and act on issues of racial justice, racial justice resilience and white supremacy. Lake, Cook 2
Latin Union, Inc. (Organized Communities Against Deportation) $12,000.00 To support Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD)'s Politicized Collective Healing trainings for undocumented immigrants on healing justice and organizing. Cook 1
Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education $10,000.00 To support racial justice and healing leadership development workshops and safety alternatives to police in schools. Cook 1
SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation $10,000.00 To support Youth Cohort and Exchange Program, a program creating space for Black and Indigenous solidarity. Cook 1
University Park Youth Athletic Association $10,000.00 To support Southland Healing Project - racial equity workshops, racial justice townhalls, and police and community projects. Cook 1
Woods Fund Chicago (Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Greater Chicago) $300,000.00 To support 100 racial healing circles in Cook County and training of 60 racial healing practitioners throughout the state. Cook 1
Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training $40,000.00 To support technological enhancements and increased accessibility to Chicago Regional Organizing for Antiracism (CROAR) and Springfield Coalition on Dismantling Racism (SCODR) anti-racism and racial equity workshops. Cook 1
Fertile Ground Factory, LLC $30,000.00 To support a dialogue about what American life, and Chicago would be like without the contribution of Robert S. Abbott. Cook 1
Folded Map Project $15,000.00 To support expansion of Folded Map Action Kit in Chicago and development of the "Find Your Fold" project. Cook 1
Illinois Institute of Technology $40,000.00 To support anti-racist design studios where residents will discuss and co-design anti-racist futures. Cook 1
La Casa Norte (Increase the Peace) $5,000.00 To support Increase the Peace's multicultural leadership training: healing by building collective power. Cook 1
Southern Illinois Community Foundation $118,650.00 To support Healing Southern Illinois and Community Conversations 17 southernmost counties, including Jackson, Williamson, Alexander, Jeferson and Randolph 5
Southwest Organizing Project (Goodkids Madcity - Englewood) $8,000.00 To support Goodkids MadCity Englewoods' West Englewood Got This campaign, to create safe spaces for residents to heal and build together. Cook 1
Working Family Solidarity $10,000.00 To support Racial Unity Teach-Ins and Dialogues Cook 1
6018NORTH NFP $10,000.00 "Expanding the Circle," a collaboration with TRAP House Chicago, to advance racial and economic justice through art and restorative justice training. Cook 1
A GIFT OF LOVE CHARITY INC $8,000.00 The creation of a community mural with the theme of healing racial inequities to being to cross the divide and spark conversation among unlikely friends. Jackson 5
ABOVE AND BEYOND FAMILY RECOVERY CENTER $30,000.00 A racial healing process group, "Off to the Races" into their existing 25 behavioral health therapeutic sessions. Cook 1
AMERICAN CAMPING ASSOCIATION ILLINOIS SECTION $30,000.00 Utilizing Summer Camps to Help Heal Illinois, a project that will provide essential and needed training opportunities for the professionals who operate summer camps, both day and overnight. Cook 1
AUGUSTANA COLLEGE $5,000.00 Hidden Conversations, a new series of online conversations about racial inequities in the Quad Cities that will culminate with March 11 Power of Words event. Rock Island 3
AUSTIN PEOPLES ACTION CENTER $30,000.00 Restorative Justice Hubs, a community site that offers effective violence prevention and intervention strategies for street-involved and "at risk" youth. Cook 1
BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF FREEPORT & STEPHENSON COUNTY $8,100.00 Remote listening circles to invoke informative, candid and empathetic discussion to begin the healing process in Freeport. Stephenson 2
BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF ELGIN $45,000.00 Raise Your Voice, a social justice program for teens, which will focus on establishing a Social Justice Club in Middle and High School sites in Elgin. Kane 2
BRUSHWOOD CENTER AT RYERSON WOODS $10,000.00 Collaborative Conversations: Anti-Racism and the Environment, a series of virtual community discussion centered on racism, community and care for the environment. Lake 2
BY THE HAND CLUB FOR KIDS $30,000.00 Opportunities for staff to build and enhance knowledge in areas of bias and unconscious bias, allyship and trauma-informed care. Cook 1
CENTER FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION $20,000.00 Anti-racism training for staff members and volunteers, and facilitate On the Table-style community gatherings open to the public. Cook 1
CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILY SOLUTIONS $15,000.00 Opportunities for staff to participate in anti-racism trainings and develop a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), these committees will provide a safe environment for young people to develop advocacy and leadership skills. Peoria 3
CHICAGO METAMORPHOSIS ORCHESTRA PROJECT NFP $10,000.00 BreathingRoomcs, a project designed to engage young musicians and their families in activities that explore the complexities of racism in our society and what can be done to contribute to dismantling the structures that uphold it. Cook 1
CHICAGO TORTURE JUSTICE CENTER $12,000.00 Politicized Healing Collective (PHC) and Mental Health 101 trainings to create a safe, nurturing space for survivors of trauma and those working to dismantle harmful systems and structural violence. Cook 1
CHICAGO YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA $15,000.00 Continued anti-racism work through a partnership with New Roots: Growing Anti-Racist and Anti-Bias Communities (New Roots). Cook 1
CHILD CARE RESOURCE & REFERRAL $50,000.00 Virtual dialogues to engage families, staff and partner child development programs focused on socio-economic issues, schools, resources, and jobs negatively affected by the current racial divide. Will 2
COLLABOR ACTION THEATRE COMPANY INC $10,000.00 Family Tree Circle method to examine racism and white supremacy, the work focuses on "Truth" within the company's larger "Truth, Racial Healing and Reconciliation" project. Cook 1
COLLEGE OF DUPAGE $38,000.00 College of DuPage's Equity Connection initiative, a catalyst in promoting dialogue on important civic topics in order to bring about racial and cultural equity. DuPage 2
COMMUNITIES UNITED $20,000.00 Youth-led community mural and a series of virtual youth-led and intergenerational racial healing events. Cook 1
COOK COUNTY HEALTH AND HOSPITAL SYSTEM $30,000.00 Dialogues about race, equity, and racial healing with patients and community residents on Community Advisory Councils, and provide trainings opportunities for staff and Community Advisory Council members about racism and racial equity. Cook 1
CORNERSTONE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NFP $10,000.00 "Healing for the Southland," a program focused on racial and class issues that have prolonged many disadvantaged areas in south suburban Cook county. Through virtual workshops, Share Your Southland Story peace circles, and 1-on-1 check-ins, CCDC will promote societal healing and solutions to thwart racial inequity. Cook 1
COUNCIL FOR JEWISH ELDERLY $30,000.00 A storytelling project to support meaningful dialogue regarding race and racism among older adults. Cook 1
EDUCARE OF WEST DUPAGE $25,000.00 Racial equity project focused on topics of unconscious bias, colorism, equity for immigrants and Latinx history. DuPage 2
ELGIN AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY $10,000.00 Protest art documentary and community mural to document this moment in time, its impact and help define a way forward. Kane 2
ENRICH CHICAGO $50,000.00 A state-wide anti-racism learning circle in partnership with Arts Alliance of Illinois. Cook 1
EX-CONS FOR COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE $10,000.00 The Ex-Cons for Peace Project, peace and healing circles to engage youth ages 13-24 in a process of reconciliation, responsibility, and community healing. Cook 1
FAITH COALITION FOR THE COMMON GOOD INC $10,000.00 A series of three facilitated learning events to develop and enhance understanding of racial justice between Springfield residents. Sangamon 4
GARY COMER YOUTH CENTER $18,000.00 South-side Chicago's youth racial healing process through a rigorous exploration of social justice issues combined with artistic self-expression to produce a body of work within the context of longstanding historical racial injustices and current events. Cook 1
GIRLS IN THE GAME NFP $30,000.00 Girls in the Game Teen Squad members develop a social justice curriculum and virtually coach a group of After School participants by the end of January. Cook 1
Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity $4,000.00 Training to our organizational leaders (staff and board) as well as to offer a short-term educational series to volunteers and community partners on the relationship between systemic racism and housing. Winnebago 2
HEALTHCARE ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS INC $20,000.00 Racial equity training for staff. Cook 1
HEARTLAND ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN NEEDS & HUMAN RIGHTS $30,000.00 Racial Healing Circles and Anti-Racism Discussion Circles to engage staff in healing through dialogue and action. Cook 1
HENRY WILLIAMS FOUNDATION OF LOVE $5,000.00 The Dumas Echo Project seeks to initiate healing with poets suffering from racial-based trauma so their writings become roadmaps for others seeking healing. Cook 1
HOPE CENTER FOUNDATION $10,000.00 Righteous Rage, a series of discussions focused on traumatic experiences and racial inequities encountered by African American youth residing in disadvantaged communities. Cook 1
I GROW CHICAGO NFP $25,000.00 HEART initiative, a comprehensive anti-racism and equity strategy to imbue all levels of the organization and community with the tools to more effectively advance racial equity by promoting dialogue across communities, facilitate learning for stakeholders, and ensure the mission is represented throughout their operations. Cook 1
ILLINOIS ARTS ALLIANCE (DBA ARTS ALLIANCE ILLINOIS) $40,000.00 Statewide anti-racism learning groups for the creative sector by implementing anti-racism workshops and ongoing accountability groups for creative and cultural organizations throughout Illinois. Cook 1
ILLINOIS COALITION AGAINST SEXUAL ASSAULT $12,000.00 The Listening, Healing, and Moving Forward project will expand understanding of racism and its intersection with sexual violence for coalition staff. Sangamon 4
ILLINOIS PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION $40,000.00 Expansion of Healing Ambassadors and amplifying healing stories Sangamon 4
ILLINOIS PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE $30,000.00 Listening sessions and in-depth storytelling interviews with moms and breastfeeding support providers to learn more about how implicit bias and racism have impacted their breastfeeding experience/ability to support breastfeeding families. Cook 1
IMMIGRANT SOLIDARITY DUPAGE $15,000.00 Latino community psychology/peace circles to talk about the community's reality and its challenges, seeking to see clearly without judgment, ideologies or schematics in a safe space with supportive peers in Spanish. DuPage 2
INSTITUTE FOR POSITIVE LIVING $10,000.00 The Peace & Healing Circle will provide a virtual platform for participants to focus on current concerns of ongoing/underlying racial systemic issues and solutions Cook 1
JAMES B MORAN CENTER FOR YOUTH ADVOCACY $30,000.00 Trainings in restorative practices to emerging BIPOC adults and elders. Cook 1
JOHN R AND ELEANOR R MITCHELL FOUNDATION $6,000.00 My House!, a collaborative project to develop a district-wide curriculum for Mt. Vernon School District 80 to address racial justice and social equity in a unique way that encourages local school children (and peripheral participants) to celebrate their differences. Jefferson 5
JOIN HANDS ESL INC $15,000.00 Ubuntu Center for Peace Racial Justice, training for board, staff and volunteers to enhance knowledge in racial justice, and development of an advisory board to guide and prioritize the center's racial justice and equity work. St. Clair 5
LATIN WOMEN IN ACTION $18,000.00 Staff and community learning sessions and healing circles focused on racial justice Cook 1
LEWIS UNIVERSITY $38,000.00 A series of restorative justice trainings, community dialogue, and youth digital arts programming. Will 2
MACOUPIN ART COLLECTIVE $12,000.00 Community-wide mural that exemplifies the interconnectedness of the community, while creating conversation about inclusivity through a large outdoor mural. Macoupin 4
MAHOMET-SEYMOUR COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT 3 $45,000.00 The process of racial healing and growth for transformational social emotional learning (SEL) work in which young people and adults collaboratively co-examine, develop, and implement solutions that addresses the root causes of inequity. Champaign 3
MIKVA CHALLENGE GRANT FOUNDATION INC $30,000.00 Organizational knowledge and understanding of racial justice as well as promote open dialogue amongst staff and youth. Cook 1
NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE $20,000.00 "Dialogue across Differences" workshops, faculty roundtables on antiracist and inclusive teaching, restorative justice training, teach-ins and keynote as part of MLK Day and Black History Month, and a campus climate survey and focus groups. DuPage 2
NORTHERN ILLINOIS FOOD BANK $25,000.00 Build capacity within the organization to center the experiences of the neighbors they serve through program development efforts in 2021, and subscribing to Listen4Good Online Plus, a tool that will help the Food Bank develop robust feedback loops within its programs to collect and incorporate client feedback effectively, driving more neighbor-centered strategy and program development. Kane 2
OAK PARK REGIONAL HOUSING CENTER $20,000.00 The formation of affinity groups representing multiple races for dialogue that will eventually come together with others in a conference to empower everyone to take an active role in understanding, healing and minimizing racism. Cook 1
OAKTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE $30,000.00 Anti-racism educational tracks offering professional development opportunities, tracks will focus on African American History and linguistic justice. Cook 1
OPEN STUDIO PROJECT INC $8,000.00 Artmaking encouraging racial healing through visual arts, creative writing and sharing. Cook 1
PARAMOUNT ARTS CENTRE INC $40,000.00 The Paramount Inception Project, a project committed to creating artist driven, courageous, and thought provoking art in a radically inclusive environment. Paramount will workshop two plays, written by two BIPOC playwrights, to be directed and performed by BIPOC artists to amplify these voices. Kane 2
PRAIZE PRODUCTIONS INC $10,000.00 Conscious Conversations, an artistic tool to help process thoughts and emotions. Cook 1
PROJECT OZ $40,000.00 Youth Empowered Schools (YES) program to expand the use of restorative practices and bring racial healing circles to students in McLean County. McLean 3
PROJECT VISION, Inc. $10,000.00 The Dialogue Series aims to create a supportive space for first-generation Chinese American parents to examine personal experiences of discrimination, connect these experiences to broader issues of systemic racism, and finally to confront anti-Blackness in immigrant Asian communities. Cook 1
PUERTO RICAN ARTS ALLIANCE $10,000.00 The El Archivo Project intends to develop an educational guide/curriculum as a resource for instructors, teachers, researchers, and facilitators that will equip pedagogies with educational material for the development of inter-cultural classroom dialogs. Cook 1
QUAD CITIES INTERFAITH SPONSORING COMMITTEE $13,000.00 A series of trainings regarding bringing racial equity to oppressive systems and healing circle conversations with community members. Scott 4
QUAD CITY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER $10,000.00 Forums that brings many parts of the community as possible, to participate in discussions, share personal stories and experiences, clarify viewpoints, and develop solutions to community concerns as it relates to racial inequities. Madison 5
RAUE CENTER FOR THE ARTS INC $38,000.00 Our Voices/Our Town- a new monthly community engagement series where we will present the work of artists, local community leaders, and national activists as they explore racial justice through the medium of the arts. McHenry 2
SINNISSIPPI CENTERS INC $45,000.00 Train Sinnissippi Center's staff in diversity, racism, privilege, restorative justice, implicit bias, and inclusion to improve awareness and decrease prejudice. Ogle 2
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION INC $18,000.00 A series of workgroups and discussions with community leaders on a range of racial equity topics, and internal training to all levels of SIHF and TRH staff in order to improve workplace interactions, both with fellow staff and patients being served. St. Clair 5
SOUTHWEST ORGANIZING PROJECT $20,000.00 SWOP will expand its partnership with Still We RISE (SWR). SWOP and SWR will create new spaces for more community and staff action and partner with community stakeholders to create youth, Black, and Latinx only spaces to continue racial healing, promote dialogue, cross-racial/cross-cultural learning and build connections between Black and Brown communities. Cook 1
SPANISH COMMUNITY CENTER $30,000.00 Racial healing project in Joliet, including a 1) community mural, 2) anti-racist trainings for local leaders, and 3) peace circles. Will 2
STATELINE BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS INC $5,000.00 South Beloit Boys & Girls Club will be focusing its efforts on racial injustice by having employees work together on learning about systematic racism and prejudices ; with the main focus on how racism can seep into the Club environment and how we can work together to counteract racial injustices and prejudices within the Club and out in the community. Winnebago 2
THE JOSSELYN CENTER NFP $30,000.00 Partner with Single Story, Inc. to deepen Josselyn Center's racial understanding and weave anti-racism throughout our organization and services. Cook 1
THE WEST SIDE SHOW ROOM $5,000.00 Racial Justice EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion) Workshops designed to meet the needs of Rockford area arts organizations, their leaders, and participants. Winnebago 2
TRUE BELIEVERS COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS $10,000.00 High school age youth in Youth Development Program, restorative justice infused peer group discussions to learn the social-emotional skills needed for adulthood. Cook 1
UNITED WAY OF CHAMPAIGN COUNTY ILLINOIS INC $35,000.00 Virtual 21-week equity challenge across the state Champaign 3
UNITED WAY OF CHAMPAIGN COUNTY ILLINOIS INC $108,900.00 Train-the-trainer models to lay the ground work for continued racial equity work, and re-granting to partners serving McLean, Livingston, Vermilion, Iroquois and Ford counties. Champaign 3
UNITED WAY OF DECATUR AND MID ILLINOIS $125,000.00 Re-granting to partners serving Hancock County; Adams & Pike Counties; Brown & Schuyler Counties; Green, Morgan, Cass, Scott Counties; Menard, Sangamon Counties, Logan County, Christian County, Effingham County; Douglas County; Cole, Cumberland Counties; Edgar County; and DeWitt, Macon, Moultries, Piatt, Shelby Counties. Macon 4
UNITED WAY OF NORTHWEST ILLINOIS INC $125,000.00 As United Way of Northwest Illinois we provide support and services throughout a three county region in northwest Illinois. Through this program, we will partner with our neighboring United Way to reach the entire region of Northwest Illinois through the counties of, Stephenson, Jo Daviess, Carroll, Winnebago, Boone and Ogle. Stephenson 2
The UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK $40,000.00 A restorative practice approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) is needed for communities to collectively heal from the racialized cycle of violence and injustices. Utilizing a variety of conversational methods, Illinois parents and educators will engage in authentic dialogue to explore and understand change-creating a roadmap to racial healing. Champaign 3
URBAN INITIATIVES INC $20,000.00 Partnership with the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX) to create a Racial Equity and Healing Community of Practice (CoP) for Chicago's youth development network. Cook 1
URBANA NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS CENTER $15,000.00 Expansion of current social and emotional development groups (H.O.P.E. -Helping Other People Evolve groups), and formation of H.O.P.E. Challenge: Racism, Reactions, and Recovery Initiative which will serve as a community-based empowerment forum through which youth and adults benefit from culturally relevant, supportive and progressive experiences Champaign 3
VIETNAMESE ASSO OF ILLINOIS $28,000.00 Community Education Project, which focuses on empowering diverse communities to challenge racist structures through facilitated learning and conversations. Cook 1
WEST SIDE JUSTICE CENTER INC $35,000.00 Healing Justice activities via digital storytelling as a method to facilitate dialogues about race, community defense, food justice, and healing. By digitizing the Movement Justice Gallery's Black Panther Party exhibit (2017-2019), the WJC will engage individual members of the BPP and community members from the Westside of Chicago in an interactive project to offer dialogue, intergenerational collaboration, learning, and foster deeper connections. Cook 1
WOMENS CENTER INCORPORATED $25,000.00 Activities to address the long history of racial disparities in southern Illinois, including virtual conversations, Blackout Tuesdays and community support opportunities. Jackson 5
YMCA AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN $35,000.00 A dialogue series of community dialogues and a post-election community forum about racial healing. Champaign 3
YOUNG WOMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF METROPOLITAN CHICAGO $50,000.00 Inclusion Chicago designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the marketplace, using workplaces as a key channel for social impact. Cook 1
YOUTH GUIDANCE $8,000.00 Workshops designed to assist program staff with meeting the challenges of the current environment, thus ensuring that they can best support the more than 13,000 students impacted by the agency throughout the year Cook 1
YWCA EVANSTON NORTH SHORE $30,000.00 We will promote dialogue by facilitating a panel conversation on reparative justice initiatives to build connection, understanding, and empathy within and across communities. Using a team of 25 local practitioners, we will seed connection by expanding our offerings of Racial Healing Circles, to uplift personal stories to build community through deeper interpersonal interactions. We will facilitate learning by creating a resource hub to advance knowledge and understanding of racial justice. Cook 1
YWCA NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS $18,000.00 Provide training to law enforcement in Winnebago and Boone Counties to introduce implicit bias and cultural competency, highlighting racial, gender, disability, and LGBTQ biases. Winnebago 2
YWCA OF ALTON $12,000.00 Dialogue & education about anti-racism in Madison County. We'll offer recurring free events to generate deeper healing & transformative interactions among races. Events include: family story times, healing circles, & awareness building groups. Madison 5
YWCA OF MCLEAN COUNTY $30,000.00 Children, ages 5-12, will receive educational lessons using the Anti-Bias Curriculum. 118 YWCA McLean County staff will discuss racial justice issues through facilitators conducting virtual conversations twice monthly. Social media will be utilized to reach YWCA clients, families, and the community in offering training webinars, resource lists, and educational tools focusing on racial healing and racial inequality. McLean 3


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