Stories from Healing Illinois, 2021

Below are links to stories from the original Healing Illinois grant in 2021:

07/07/2021: Illinois Public Health Institute partners with other health organizations to host listening sessions to combat racism in breastfeeding support

07/01/2021: Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center Hosts Healing Discussions

06/28/2021: Two senior communities from opposite sides of the city unite in virtual writing workshop

06/10/2021: Recovery home integrates racial healing circles into drug treatment program

06/08/2021: Black teen writers' short plays on racial equity brought to life on YouTube

06/03/2021: Artist and business owner trains Edgewater nonprofit and community members on peace circles

05/24/2021: Austin organization brings healing, peace in the midst of trauma

05/20/2021: Youth with troubled backgrounds received solar energy training

05/18/2021: Decatur book club for children raises awareness about race relations

05/12/2021: Elgin social justice collective work on a multi-part project documenting the protests that have taken place in the summer of 2020

05/10/2021: Small businesses owners in Springfield, Ill. pursue Racial Healing

04/26/2021: Rockford Habitat for Humanity examines history of housing discrimination in U.S.

04/23/2021: Healing Illinois grant inspired Decatur, Ill. faith-based group to take action beyond the church

04/21/2021: Chicago Torture Justice Center addresses trauma in communities of color

03/29/2021: Nature Center Hosts Talks About Racism and the Environment

03/22/2021: The Importance of Implicit Bias and Cultural Competency Training

03/01/2021: A gift of love, art, healing in Southern Illinois

02/15/2021: Gros Institute of Lewis University Networks for Restorative Justice

02/08/2021: Grant for Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault comes at a crucial time

02/01/2021: Attendees of racial healing circle praise it as a cure for U.S. ills

01/25/2021: Oak Park native and director discusses HBO Film in discussion funded by Healing Illinois

01/19/2021: Healing Illinois supports TRHT Greater Chicago's commemoration of the National Day of Racial Healing

01/18/2021: Advocates Tackling Disparities in Mental Health Through Healing Dialogues

01/15/2021: TRHT founder & United Way of Metro Chicago to call for business leaders to make racially equitable investments

01/11/2021: Healing Illinois Grantees Support Young People's Social, Emotional Learning

01/04/2021: Organizers Aim to Bond Black, Latinx Communities With Truth Telling

12/07/2020: Healing Illinois Grantee Uses Technology to Overcome COVID Limitations

11/23/2020: Healing Illinois Funds Racial Healing Circles

10/06/2020: Governor JB Pritzker, Lt. Gov. Julianna Stratton and the Illinois Department of Human Services Launch "Healing Illinois" Initiative


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