WAG 07-02-08-f Existing Life Insurance Irrevocably Assigned to Funeral Home for Irrevocable Prepaid Burial Contract

PM 07-02-08-f

Steps for a Caseworker:

  • Review prepaid burial contract;
    • Ensure the funeral home details correspond to what is reported on the HFS 3195 Assignment of Benefits of Life Insurance Policy form.
  • Ensure the prepaid burial contract form is uploaded to the ECR;
  • Add the prepaid burial contract record in IES; and
  • Document in case comments.

Record the Prepaid Burial Contract in IES

Refer to the Burial Resource and Record Burial Resource Space Items Wizards for additional details.

  • Add a prepaid burial resource record per the Wizards listed above.
    • "Other" should be selected in the funding dropdown.
  • This is only until the changes are made in IES.
  • "Contract with funeral home" should be entered as the verification source.