IL-EATS - Appendix D - Application Checklist


  • Applicant is registered in the GATA Grantee Portal
  • Applicant is GATA prequalified


The application package MUST include the following mandatory forms/attachments in the order identified below:

  • Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance (Refer to section I. Mandatory Forms - NOT included in 20-page limit)
  • Proposal Narrative (20-Page Limit applies):
    • Executive Summary (Appendix B)
    • Capacity - Agency Qualifications/Organizational Capacity
    • Need - Description of Need
    • Quality - Description of Program Design and Services
      • Expanding Opportunities
      • Sustainability and Success
    • Budget Narrative
    • Advancing Equity
    • Required Attachments to Your Application (NOT included in the 20-page limit):
      • Attachment 1 IL-EATS Application Checklist (Appendix D) (this checklist)
      • Attachment 2 Contact Information Form (Appendix E)
      • Attachment 3 Implementation Timeline/Work Plan (Appendix F)
      • Attachment 4 Applicant Uniform Grant Budget* (PDF printed from CSA)
      • Attachment 5 Applicant Federal Form W9 (Appendix G)
      • Attachment 6 Letters of Support from Underserved Farmers (Appendix H, maximum of 5)
      • Attachment 7 Conflict of Interest Disclosure (Section I. Mandatory Forms)

*Uniform Grant Budget - The FY24 proposed budget should be entered, signed, and submitted in CSA. If the Uniform Grant Budget is not entered, signed, and submitted in the CSA system by the application due date and time, the applicant will not receive any of the 5 points for the Budget Narrative section of the application. A hard copy of this signed and submitted budget must be included with the application as Attachment 4 (see list of attachments above.)