WAG 08-02-06-c: Government Benefits/Private Pensions/Union Benefits

PM 08-02-06-c.

To identify the type of veteran's benefits being received by a member who is eligible for such benefits:

Enter one of the following codes in Item 90 of Form 552 or the appropriate ACM screen:

  • Enter 517 - Veteran's Benefits - Meets Food Stamp Definition of Qualifying Household Member, when the client unit meets one of the following:
    • A veteran with a service connected disability rated or paid as totally disabled by the Veteran's Administration (VA) or a veteran considered by the VA to be in need of regular aid and attendance or permanently housebound.
    • A veteran's surviving spouse who is considered in need of aid and attendance or considered permanently housebound by the VA or a veteran's surviving child who is considered permanently incapable of self-support by the VA.
    • A veteran's surviving spouse or child entitled to compensation for a service-connected death or pension benefits for a non-service connected death from the VA if the spouse or child also has a disability considered permanent under Social Security requirements.
  • Enter Code 617 - Veteran's Benefits - Not Based on Disability, when the client is receiving veteran's benefits, but does not meet one of the above definitions.