Joliet LAC Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2023

Monday, June 12, 2023


via Zoom


Roll Call

  1. Donnie Chestnut - Present
  2. Nicole Lurry - Present
  3. Dave Jackson - Present
  4. Elizabeth Protich - Present
  5. Michelle Stiff - Present
  6. Amy Sanchez - Present
  7. Tycee Bell - Absent


  1. Rep. Dagmara Avelar
  2. Rep. Larry Walsh Jr. Communications Director
  3. Josh McClusky
  1.  Previous 5/8/2023 Meeting Minutes - Nicole Motion to approve. Elizabeth Seconded. All Approved.
  2. Public Comment - None
  3. Current Business:
    1. 2023 IDHS Mandatory Trainings
      1. Email from Len sent 5/30/2023
        1. Logins Listed
          1. Donnie Chestnut / Nicole Lurry asked to rebump email to LAC members
          2. Donnie asked if these are new trainings - Yes, new 2023 trainings
      2. Timeframe for completion
        1. Amy will ask the state the turnaround time to complete
    2. Update from Greater Illinois OFVP on status of Grants Approved
      1. Identified Grant Recipients
        1. Joliet Township Presenting current meeting
          1. Township Supervisor Angel Contreras
            1. Hired a consultant to hire all staff
            2. TWP is staying out of the initial hiring
              1. Once first round of interviews is complete
              2. Asking TWP Supervisor and LAC Members to participate in a panel to interview
              3. Donnie asked what is the TWP timeframe for hiring
              4. Angel advised interviewing is happening now. Indeed is the portal and listed on the website.
              5. Amy asked once director's are in place what is the outreach plan to get the word out to the community.
                1. Angel: direct outreach to the community
                  1. Partners
                  2. Other Government Agencies
              6. Amy asked about hiring rubrics to ensure hiring for Will County Residents
                1. Angel: Yes but not exclusively
                  1. Hiring Requirements must be met
                2. Amy: Was the consultant hired through a bidding process and/or recommended from the state.
                  1. Angel indicated a couple of consultants were recommended by the state and he interviewed a couple and decided to go with this one.
      2. Overview of Open Grants
        1. Updates on open NOFO's - No Updates
      3. Elected Updates
        1. Rep. Avelar provided crime prevention - specifically 250 Million for the Reimagine Public Safety Act over a multi year and 200 Million in R3 over a multi year among many other items listed in the budget that supports violence prevention.
  4. Announcements: CBO's and Organizations in the Joliet Area
    1. Upcoming Events: Each LAC Member and Rep. Avelar listed out upcoming events throughout the summer. Links and flyers will be emailed out.
    2. Presentations
  5. New Business:
    1. State required or expected outreach for NOFO recipients
      1. Amy: Asked LAC permission about the state's expectation and requirements for outreach from grant recipients
      2. Michelle: Agreed that outreach accountability is important
      3. Donnie: Requests workshop for applying for grants, especially for smaller agencies that may not be able to navigate the information on the website presentation
      4. Nicole: A lot of resources are out there but how do we access them in a central portal
      5. Liz: Not an overnight fix. The grant process from start to finish and management of grants is something that should be handled. Willing to train and have organizations shadow the process. It is part of the professional development for her staff.
      6. Rep. Avelar offered to reach out to the state for a GATA training and workshop
      7. Group concurred with the next steps above
  6. Q&A
  7. Closed Session:
    1. Board Expansion
    2. Qualifications
    3. Process to Add Board Members
    4. Resigned Members
  8. Adjourn