PM 08-02-03-a: Earned Income Disregard

WAG 08-02-03-a.

The amount of the earned income disregard for an AABD Cash or AABD Medical case depends on whether the client is aged, blind, or disabled. The earned income disregards are:

  • Aged or Disabled - AABD(A) or (D)

    For aged or disabled clients, disregard the first $20 of earned income plus 1/2 of the next $60. 

  • Blind - AABD(B)

    For clients who are eligible due to blindness, disregard: 

  • The first $85 of earned income plus 1/2 of the amount over $85; or
  • For clients with an approved plan for self-support, any amount of income necessary for fulfillment of the client's plan for a period not to exceed 12 months. The plan must be approved by the Zone Administrator.