WAG 03-01-06-c: Initial Verification

The Initial Verification process uses the noncitizen's Alien Registration Number (A-Number) to verify USCIS status. The A-Number is 7 to 9 numbers preceded by the letter A. The Initial Verification response is also known as a SAVE clearance.

NOTE: If the noncitizen only has an I-94 number, you cannot use Initial Verification. In this situation, use the Additional Verification option to request Additional Verification without first performing an Initial Verification. This is the only time you use this menu option; see WAG 03-01-06-d.

Request initial verification as follows:

  1. Select the Initial Verification function.
  2. For each noncitizen applying for benefits who presents an immigration document with an A-number, enter the A-number in the Alien Number field. Do not enter the A. Add leading zeroes if the number has fewer than 9 digits.
  3. On the Benefits list, select all the benefits the noncitizen has requested.

    NOTE: Selecting the benefits only shows the SAVE system why verification is needed. The SAVE response does not indicate whether or not the person is eligible for the benefits. 

  4. Click the Submit Initial Verification button to submit your query. The system will return the Case Details page. Print the screen for the case record.

NOTE: To verify entry status for AABD cash for noncitizens ineligible for SSI due to 7-year limit, see WAG 03-03-02.

Some things to note on the Case Details page:

  • Verification Number is a unique system-generated number assigned to the SAVE inquiry. It can be used to retrieve the clearance information in the future.
  • Initial Verification displays the information entered for the Initial Verification request, who submitted it, and the submittal date.
  • Initial Verification Results contains the noncitizen's information retrieved from the SAVE database of immigration records.
  • Print Case Details button displays a printer-friendly version of the Case Details page.
  • Request Additional Verification button allows the user to start an additional verification query. (See WAG 03-01-06-d, Additional Verification, below.)
  • Complete and Close Case button removes the case from the workload. Use this button only when Additional Verification is not needed or has been received. It is important to click on Complete and Close Case to remove the inquiry from your SAVE user workload when the SAVE verification is complete.
  • Close button returns the user to the SAVE Web-1 home page without closing the case. Use this button to keep the inquiry active in the workload when further action is needed.

NOTE: Clicking Close is not the same as clicking Complete and Close Case. The Close button only removes the Case Details Page from the screen. It does not close the case, nor does it remove the case from the user workload.