WAG 08-01-05-a: Earmarked Support for SSI Child

PM 08-01-05-a.

When a child receives SSI and receives child support payments, the child must be deleted from the TANF unit and the support earmarked.

  1. (FCRC) Review the case record to see if there is a copy of the support order.
    1. Ask the client for a copy if one is not in the file.
    2. Contact the FRC to get a copy of the order from DCSE if the client does not have a copy and one is not in the record.
  2. (FCRC) Give the client Notice for SSI Children (Form 2921) explaining DPA's earmarking policy for SSI children.
  3. (FCRC) Decide the amount of support to earmark for each SSI child. To get a monthly amount, multiply:
    • a weekly amount by 4.3, or
    • a bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) or semi-monthly (twice a month) amount by 2.
    1. Earmark the amount specified in the order, when the order requires a specific support amount be paid for the child (such as $100 per month per child).
    2. Divide the amount by the number of children to get the per child amount to earmark when the order requires a flat support amount for all the children (such as $200 per month for 2 children). Tell the client:
      • this amount will be used unless the client goes to court to get an allocated child support order,
      • they may return to court to request an increase in support for the SSI child, and
      • if they get a new court order, to contact their caseworker and provide a copy.

        Decide the new amount if there is a new order. 

  4. (FCRC) Explain the amount earmarked to the client.
  5. (FCRC) Tell the client:
    • for any month the support is not paid in full they will receive a prorated share, and
    • more earmarked support than usual may be received if support is paid weekly or bi-weekly. The client must tell the caseworker when this happens so FS can be adjusted.
  6. (FCRC) Complete Form 552 to delete the child (see WAG 18-03-11-a).
    1. Delete the child and earmark support for the first month the child receives SSI.
    2. Delete the child and earmark support for the first possible payment month if the child was already deleted from the case.
  7. (FCRC) Complete an Authorization to Request Earmarked Child Support (Form 2864), by entering case information at the top and completing Section I. If the client asks that the earmarked support be sent to another custodial adult, the client must provide a mailing address for the other custodial adult.

    NOTE: The client's signature is not required. 

  8. (FCRC) Attach a copy of the support order to HFS 2864.
  9. (FCRC) Give HFS 2864 to the FRC.
  10. (FRC) Sends HFS 2864 to DCSE.
  11. (System) Generates a monthly listing by caseworker for all children under age 18 who have been deleted from an AFDC case because of receipt of SSI (TA 34/TAR 03).
  12. (FCRC) Check the list to make sure only children receiving SSI have been deleted.
  13. (FCRC) Use HFS 2864 to refer the case to DCSE through the FRC when the list is correct.
  14. (DCSE) Sends the earmarked support to the payee starting the effective month shown on HFS 2864. Payments continue to be redirected within 3 weeks after they are received by HFS if they are paid by the absent parent.
  15. (FCRC) Disregard the amount of earmarked support when deciding continued eligibility for the remaining AFDC unit members.

    NOTE: Do not include the amount of earmarked support on HFS 1661, Notice of Receipt of Child Support. 

DCSE Returns HFS 2864 to FCRC

DCSE returns HFS 2864 to the FCRC when:

  • DCSE has a more recent order on file with different terms than the one attached to HFS 2864, or
  • a calculation error is found.

1.  (DCSE) Recomputes the amount to earmark.

2.  (DCSE) Sends the correct earmarked amount to the client.

3.  (DCSE) Returns HFS 2864 to FCRC showing the amount the client is being sent.

4.  (FCRC) Contact the client immediately to tell them of the corrected amount.