PM 08-01-05: Earmarked Child Support (Cash)

WAG 08-01-05

Child support payments that are designated by a court or administrative order to be used only for a specific child(ren) are earmarked. Child support may not be earmarked for blood-related siblings living together who must be included in the same case due to TANF Filing Unit policy. Deleted Text

Support payments may be earmarked for:

  • an SSI child; or
  • a child who does not qualify for TANF for reasons other than receipt of SSI or sanctions (allocated earmarking); or
  • a child who is not required to be in the TANF unit (optional earmarking).

Advise customers of earmarking policy:

  • at intake,
  • when completing a TANF REDE,
  • when the customer contacts the local office to discuss earmarking child support payments,
  • when removing a child from a case when that child meets the allocated or optional earmarking criteria, or
  • when restoring assistance with no break in benefits.