Joliet LAC Meeting Minutes, March 27, 2023

Monday March 27, 2023

6:00 pm

via zoom


Roll Call

  1. Elizabeth Protich- Here
  2. Donnie Chestnut- Here
  3. Dave Jackson- Here
  4. Felix Ortiz- Not attending any longer
  5. Nicole Lurry - Here
  6. Tycee Belle- Not Present
  7. Amy Sanchez- Here
  8. Michelle Stiff- Called will be on late


Rep Avelar: Will be attending regularly self

  1. Previous 2/13/2023 Meeting Minutes -
  2. Public Comment -
  3. Current Business:
    1. Update from Greater Illinois OFVP on status of Grants Approved
      1. Identify Grant Recipients
        1. Joliet Township
        2. Harvey Brooks Foundation
        3. Greater Joliet YMCA
        4. Mt. Sinai Hospital
      2. Overview of Open Grants
        1. Community Coordinator NOFO still open
          1. Will be the liaison between the LAC and the State and facilitate the monthly meetings
          2. No recommendations made for final approval
          3. Reasons for Denial
            1. Missing information
            2. incomplete budget
              1. there is notice and are able to reapply
              2. open rolling NOFOs
                1. Applicants are able to correct information and update
        2. The recommendations from the LAC is the areas for funding opportunities were developed
          1. New process of 18 month
          2. The funding process is being graded, scored, and recommended by DHS for final approval by Dr Patterson.
      3. Joliet Impacted Area:
        1. The award area is based on the gun violence in the area
      4. Resources and Funding into Joliet's impacted area
        1. Encourages Fiscal Agent
          1. Smaller Orgs able to identify Fiscal Agent
        2. Subgrantee awards
          1. GATA Training
        3. Technical Assistance
          1. Back Office Support
        4. Street Teams
          1. Hub & Spoke model
          2. Proactive recruit the community in an Innovative approach
      5. Greater Illinois impacted area
    2. District updates: Illinois State Representative Dagmara Avelar
      1. Joliet Impacted Area:
      2. Resources and Funding into Joliet's impacted area:
  4. New Business:
    1. Board Expansion
      1. Qualifications
      2. Process to Add Board Members
  5. Q&A
  6. Adjourn