WAG 07-04-09-b: Handling of Exempt Funds

PM 07-04-09-b

When exempt monies are combined in an account with nonexempt monies, the exempt monies remain exempt for 6 months from the date they are combined.

If exempt monies are deposited in an account that already has combined monies, each of the exempt monies remains exempt for 6 months from the date the monies are combined.

Example: Exempt relocation money is combined with nonexempt money in a savings account on 10/01/96. On 04/01/97 the relocation money becomes nonexempt.

revised manual textNote The assets of categorically eligible SNAP household are exempt (see PM 05-07-00), unless the household receives substantial lottery or gambling winnings as a cash prize of New Manual Textmore than $4,250 (see PM 07-04-21).