WAG 07-04-00: SNAP

PM 07-04-00

 revised textDocument assets of a noncategorically eligible SNAP unit (PM 05-07-00 ,PM 05-07-02)  as follows:

  1. Identify available assets on the application.
  2. At the interview, review with the applicant the assets reported on the application as well as the possibility of unreported assets.
  3. Verify identified assets.
  4. Document in the case record the items used to verify the unit's assets. Documentation can be:
    • copies of the documents used to verify the assets; or
    • detailed case recordings of the documents, including information, such as but not limited to:
      • the source of the document,
      • how it was obtained,
      • the date it was verified, and
      • the relevant information included on the document.