December 14, 2023

SRC Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Attendees: Kelsey Thompson, Robyn Lewis, Erin Compton David Freeman Marcus Deamer,? Shelly Richardson, ASL Interpreter, Jennifer, Deb, Erik Hanson, Jim Knauf, Kim Borowicz, Ladonna Henson, Rahnee Patrick, Sharon Howerton, Sybil Nash, Wolfgang, Herschel Jackson, Deb Einhorn?

9:00-9:30  Welcome and Intros


9:30-9:45 Agenda Approval for 12/14/2022 and Minutes from 9/22-9/23/2022

The meeting did not have a quorum, so these will be approved at the next meeting.

9:45-10:00 Director's Report

  • With Governor Pritzker's re-election, Rahnee Patrick will be continuing her role as director. Congrats to David Freeman on his work on the Workforce Board and to Erin Compton who is in the Nutcracker.
  • Dr. Patrick reported on a project that will have 6 Work Centers move away from piece work to being competitive employment. They will be working with University of IL and a company that is disability led.
  • Jim reported that the goal is to work with agencies who are paying submin wage and to change their business model. Also working with transition youth who are considering sheltered workshops after high school. Cover 5 DRS regions.
  • Dave Freeman encouraged People Centered and offered to help with business model creation.

10:15-11:00 DRS Staff and Liaison Reports

Bureau of Customer & Community Services (BCCS)

  • Erik reported that offices are reopened. Will still be doing scheduled appointments virtually. Hybrid approach for the office.

Bureau of Engagement & Support (BESS)

  • Marcus Deamer reported that the unit is reviewing marketing materials and making sure the vision is clearly stated. They are revamping the web page and creating an internal job board that can be used by DRS. They held a 1S Regional job fair and are planning on having more Regional Events. They recognized employers at the second annual employer recognition event. BESS wants to keep letting employers know what DRS can do and move from a regional system to one with a state-wide focus.
  • Christi DHH Rehab Counselors for the Deaf are experiencing different things. Envision IL is focusing on Domestic Violence. The are also looking at providing virtual mental health services, as services for ASL are only provided in Chicago and not downstate. And they are also working on Fast Track Transition for transition age youth, as they often don't have good transition access as they transition to work. Working on providing apprenticeship opportunities.

Bureau of Planning & Strategic Management (BPMS)

  • Sybil Nash is the new director. Looking forward to the customer service satisfaction. They are seeing an increase in higher paying jobs-not just fast food. Can't meet goals by just getting people the easiest jobs.

Bureau of Customer and Community Support for Blind (BBS)

  • Working on a project of Business Vendors Program, which has people who are blind manage vending machines at government and educational locations.

Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

  • Shelly wants to get a gaggle together for transportation. Gaggle is a specific software program. Our group will look at getting it set up.

Blind Services Planning Council (BSPC)

  • Sharon Howerton is replacing Daniel.

Equip for Equality

  • Rachel W was not available. Emily Wilson reported that they have been launching Outreach Meetings with DRS staff and starting on the right foot. They are developing resources for CAP and training.

Policy Updates

  • Robyn Lewis reported that the Annual Report was published. Policy directive to provide more equitable access and spending for Community Colleges. Took in-district borders out of the plan. Students should be able to have choice. Transition-Age students can also have access to Community College programs through dual enrollment even if it does not lead to a specific degree, but are just building up skills.

12:45-1:15 State Plan

CSAVR information

  • Looking for work-based learning opportunities. Hard to find apprenticeships in IL. Apprenticeship IL seems the best to use. Data Driven Decision Making-Great progress thanks to the great reports from Wolfgang.
  • Increasing competitive employment to $6,500. Annual report says that total closures is 4,706. Kelsey asked the Council to think about our priorities and goals and what we want to see in the Plan. The last one was written before Covid.

1:15-1:30 Council Appointment Updates

  • Appointments are moving through the system. Still have a couple appointments available, including past DRS customer.

2:30-3:30 New Business

  • Robyn Lewis is working on the website update and is asking for volunteers to review the brochure.
  • The March meeting will be held on March 22 in Springfield. The June meeting will remain 2 days, since a lot of information is discussed.