WAG 07-04-01-d: Asset Verification System and AABD Community Medical Clients with SNAP

PM 07-04-01-d

new manual textAsset Verification System (AVS) and AABD Community Medical Clients with SNAP

Categorically Eligible SNAP Households

When the Asset Verification System (AVS) search results in information on an AABD community medical case with SNAP:

Ensure that eligibility is not affected for a categorically eligible SNAP household (PM 05-07-00).  If a Verification Checklist (IL444-267) is sent to the AABD community medical household and the household does not respond, do not take a negative action against the household's SNAP benefits. Categorically eligible SNAP households do not have a resource limit.

Non-Categorically SNAP Households

  • For SNAP households that are not categorically eligible (PM 05-07-02), resources are compared to the applicable resource limit. A SNAP household is not categorically eligible if the household includes a member:
    • who has a work sanction; or
    • an Intentional Program Violation (IPV); or
    • a qualifying member and the household's gross monthly income exceeds 200% FPL
  • If the SNAP household is not categorically eligible, review the information from the AVS and based on the SNAP household's reporting status (Change Reporting or Mid-Point Reporting) determine if the information was required to be reported. Also determine if the asset may be exempt under any other SNAP asset policy (PM 07-04-00).
    • Change Reporters SNAP households are required to report at application, during the certification period and at REDE. 
    •  Mid-Point Reporting SNAP households report information at application, on the interim Mid-Point Report and REDE.
  • The information on the AVS is not considered verified upon receipt and Form IL444-267 should be sent before any negative action is taken on SNAP.

Note: All SNAP households are subject to the lottery/gambling resource limit $4,250 and must report winnings regardless of their reporting status (PM 07-04-21).