QA (23-444-22-2873-02)

Note:  Section C. Eligibility Information, 4. Pre-Award Requirements References a PRA is required. The PRA is no longer a requirement.

Question and DMH Responses

  1. Q:  Regarding Embedded Wellness Support (Required initiative for all applicants), are grantees expected to pay the costs for the embedded wellness support from issued grant funds?

    A:  The point of having embedded wellness support is so an employee can provide support to their work peers. This should not be a duty above and beyond that employee's regular duties. If an employer decides to make it a part of that employee's formal duties (which I would suggest against), then that is up to that employee. Neither of these scenarios obligates the grantee.

  2. Q:  According to the summary information table online, the estimated total program funding is $4,113,816 and the anticipated number of awards is 16. However, the program description also states "The Department anticipates the availability of approximately $5,000,000 and funding 20 grant awards to provide this program." Could you please let me know which estimated figures are most accurate?

    A:  This is the second posting for this program as we are still in need of grantees statewide. The correct information is estimated total program funding is $4,113,816 and the anticipated number of awards is 16.

  3. Q:  Is there a typo in the grants period? Is lists April 1, 2023, and will continue through June 30, 2023. Is it only three months in which to start and complete the program?

    A:  The timeframe for the grant is correct. It is April 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023, which is the end of State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023. We expect this grant will be renewed for a full fiscal year for upcoming SFY24. The SFY24 is July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024. Those awarded the grant will need to submit application materials for FY24. The FY24 grant will be posted for renewal once all grants have been awarded.

  4. Q:  Is the funding opportunity limited to only new 988/Lifeline partners or can a current provider apply?

    A:  Funding for the 402 grant is open to all eligible applicants, including current 988 Lifeline partners.

  5. Q:  The NOFO lists the funding source as "federal" on the summary information, but as "state" in another place. Which is accurate?

    A:  We apologize that the information regarding funding is conflicting. The source of funding for this program is Federal funds..

  6. Q:  Are all applicants required to be 501C3?

    A:  No, Government entities and Educational Institutions that are not 501C3 organizations are eligible to apply.

  7. Q:  The NOFO states that one eligibility factor is that applicants be a 501C3, are 170C1 government agencies eligible to apply for this grant as well?

    A:  This is a non-profit, so, yes, 170C1 government agencies are eligible to apply.

  8. Q:  Regarding Embedded Peer Support - am I correct in that those first responders to be trained (i.e. say, in MHFA) would be a select group of staff per first responder organization(s) that would then be capable of supporting their own coworkers (as opposed to the grantee providing MHFA trainings to all staff of a first responder organization.) Like a train-the-trainer model. so to speak?

    A:  The expectation is not that providers would support the first responders once they've left the training. You would train them, they would then go forth and conquer within their organizations as a peer support person.

  9. Q:  What is the award period? 1 year? And is there any indication that this may or could be a renewable funding source?

    A:  We anticipate that the FY23 award period will begin April 1, 2023 and end June 30, 2023. The FY23 fiscal year ends June 30, 2023. It is expected there will be a one year renewal for FY24 which will begin July 1, 2023 and end June 30, 2024. We are not sure beyond FY24, but it is our hope that it will continue beyond FY24.

  10. Q:  What are the staffing requirements regarding a Project Director? I did not see this in the NOFO.

    A:  There are no contractual staffing requirements for this grant.

  11. Q:  The NOFO speaks to an MOU from 'partnerships' but what about embedded peer organizations to be worked with?

    A:  There is information in the NOFO for subcontracting and MOUs. See Section B. Funding Information and Section D. Application and Submission Information 6. Subcontractor budget(s).

  12. Q: Are institutions of higher education eligible for this funding. 

    A:  Yes, institutions of higher education are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

  13. Q:  Are counseling services an allowable cost under this award?

    A:  It is the expectation that DMH grants are used as last resort funding. Grantees are expected to seek reimbursement for services via Medicaid, private insurance and all other payor sources before utilizing any grant funds.

  14. Q:  We have been having difficulty renewing our SAM CAGE code and have been working with the help desk. The SAM CAGE is listed as "expired". Is it acceptable for usto start working on the application? We also have issues with the UEI Number. 

    A:  There have been issues with Due to high demand, is experiencing processing delays validating entity legal business names and addresses. Help tickets at are handled on a first in first out basis. They advise against reporting the same incident multiple times. Because of this, entities can apply for funding without an active registration. However, a state agency cannot award a grant to an entity without an active account. 

    The UEI and SAM Cage code are related to each other. Entity validation is the first step in getting your Unique Entity ID or registering in Review time will depend on whether can make a match from your original document submission.

  15. Q:  In the webinar, it was articulated that the funding would likely start 4/1/23 and proceed through Q4 (6/30/23) with the option to apply for another 12 months of funding (7/1/23 - 6/30/24). In the GATA budget 444-22-2873, do you want applicants proposing a 15-month budget or a 3-month budget?

    A:  Per the NOFO, Section D. Application and Submission Information, 7. Budget Requirements, The budget should be prepared to reflect 3 months. Once an award is made for this fiscal year (2023), the entity awarded the grant will then need to submit application materials, including a budget, for FY24.

  16. Q:  Is that the $200-$250K award range listed on the NOFO, page 1 for a 3-month period of time
    A:  Yes, the award range is for a 3-month period of time. Of course, this is just an estimate and your budget must detail how all proposed expenditures are necessary for program implementation during the 3 month period. Proposed budgets must be sufficiently detailed, allowable, necessary, and reasonable based on the activities contained in the Scope of Work, are justified in the Budget Narrative, and are allowable under Subpart E of 2 CFR 200.