Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant (24-444-80-2350) FY24 Continuation Application

Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant

FY24 Continuation Application CSFA #444-80-2350
Refer to the Continuation Application for Due Date

  1. Program Description
    Counties interested and eligible in becoming a full Redeploy Illinois program site must first participate in and complete the Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant process (Phase 1). The Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant is intended to allow counties to explore the possibility of becoming a full Redeploy Illinois Program site (Phase 2). Completing this planning process will enhance the county's ability to more effectively serve juveniles. The planning grant is intended to help the counties understand the initiative, its expectations, how it could positively impact their community and youth, and get a feel for their ability to meet the 25% commitment reduction requirement.
  2. FY24 Continuation Application
    Current Providers will receive a continuation application packet via email. Providers may request additional copies of the continuation application by sending an email to
    1. This continuation application is for Fiscal Year 2024 funding for Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant (CSFA #444-80-2350)
      1. Eligibility is limited to current Redeploy Illinois Planning Grant providers funded under CSFA# 23-444-80-2350-01.
      2. Each applicant must be registered in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal and must continue to be GATA Pre-Qualified.
      3. Applicant organizations must complete the FY24 ICQ before an award can be made. (Accessed through the Grantee Portal.) If the FY24 ICQ is not available in the Grantee Portal prior to the application due date, grantees should submit their application without the ICQ and will be notified when it becomes available.
      4. Applicant organizations must submit a complete FY24 Application Packet by the due date listed in the continuation application to Include "CSFA# 444-80-2350-01" on the subject line.
    2. A complete application packet includes:
      1. Uniform Application for Grant Assistance (pdf)
      2. Application Summary Page and Program Narrative UPDATE
      3. FY24 Budget must be entered into CSA by application due date
    3. The Office of Community and Positive Youth Development reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant to assist in FY24 funding and programmatic decisions.