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This Information Bulletin provides information and guidance for individuals authorized to provide Personal Support Worker (PSW) services to individuals receiving services through the Children and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities - Support Waiver (CSW).


The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) previously had a policy prohibiting parents of individuals receiving services through the CSW from being paid to provide PSW services to their child. The DDD has received numerous requests from the stakeholder community for a reconsideration of this policy.

Policy Change:

Effective January 1, 2023, the DDD will allow a person, including a parent, who is not considered a legally responsible individual to be paid to provide PSW services to individuals over the age of 18 receiving services in the CSW. A legally responsible individual is generally defined as any person who has a duty under state law to care for another person and typically includes: (a) the parent (biological or adoptive) of a minor child or the guardian of a minor child who must provide care to the child or (b) a spouse of a waiver participant.

If an individual is impacted by this policy change and independently hires such a PSW, all provider enrollment requirements will need to be completed through ACES$ and a new Service Authorization must be submitted.

NOTE: If the individual receiving services is under the age of 18, the policy will remain that a parent or other legally responsible person cannot be paid to provide PSW services to them.

If an individual was recently selected for the CSW and transitioned to the Adult Waiver so the parent could provide PSW services to their child, the individual can transition back to the CSW if they still meet the eligibility requirements. The individual/family will need to work with their Independent Service Coordination (ISC) Agency to submit the appropriate paperwork.

PSW eligibility requirements, including background checks, and service provision must meet all requirements as outlined in the CSW and Waiver Manual. Persons serving as a PSW cannot also be the Employer of Record.

If there are questions, please reach out to Derek Hedges,

Effective Date:

This Information Bulletin is effective 01/01/2023