December 9, 2022

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM


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Today's Meeting

  • Leadership Update: Christine Haley, State Homelessness Chief
  • Status of Emergency Shelter in Illinois: Doug Kenshol, South Suburban PADS & Illinois Shelter Alliance
  • Reaching Functional Zero: Nora Lally, Nick Mitchell & Collin Whelley, Homebase

Leadership update

Christine Haley, State Homelessness Chief

Illinois Office to Prevent & End Homelessness

Home Illinois annual report

  • Annual report submitted to the Governor and Illinois General Assembly on November 30, 2022
  • Thank you to all Task Force agencies for submitting progress towards the plan
  • Annual report will be available on Illinois Office to Prevent & End Homelessness (IOPEH) website
  • Next report due December 1, 2023

Fy24 Budget requests

  • Please review your FY24 budget requests for programs that are dedicated or prioritized for persons experiencing homelessness & housing instability
  • Can you increase those line items for FY24?
  • FY23 Home Illinois activities on the IDHS Homeless Prevention line item
    • Please request the funding within your agency budget, instead of going through IDHS

Illinois homelessness Technical assistance & training center launched with SHPA

Confronting NIMBY Mainstream Benefits Access Access to Housing Map State Funding Sustainability Examples
PHA Work Group Public Transit Work Group Medicaid Billing for Homeless Service Providers Low Barrier Services
Police Response to Encampments Peer Leadership Rural Homelessness Plan Rural 100 Day Challenge

June summit & evicted exhibit

  • June 2023: Interagency Task Force on Homelessness & Community Advisory Council on Homelessness Summit in Chicago
  • Working with National Building Museum to bring Evicted exhibit to Illinois; Based on Princeton's Eviction Lab/ Michael Desmond's book Evicted
  • Ideas for keynote?
  • Staff interested in participating on the planning committee, please reach out to

Racial equity roundtable on black homelessness

  • IOPEH working with University of Illinois at Chicago, Institute on Research on Race and Public Policy on Roundtable
  • Deliverable: Report with recommendations on actions to decrease the racial disparities in homeliness that are actionable at the state level
  • Planned activities:
    • Three community listening sessions across the state
    • Six focus groups with persons with lived expertise of homelessness
    • Literature review
  • Roundtable representation includes person with lived expertise of homelessness, state agency, legislator, community development, service provider, sub-populations, national perspectives
  • State agency leaders invited to participate in an advisory capacity; Please contact if interested in advising on the report
  • Invitations to Roundtable sent this month; Activities begin in January (pending contract completion)

Guaranteed income/cash transfer for homeless families Pilot

  • Interagency Task Force on Homelessness & Commission on Poverty Elimination & Economic Security joint project
  • Working with Inclusive Economy Lab to launch pilot across three Illinois communities
  • Targeting families living in shelter and families living in doubled-up situations

Home Illinois supports winter shelter expansion

  • $5M from the $15M Home Illinois line item to be directed to expand shelter capacity for the winter months
  • Activities in Home Illinois will continue; anticipate FY23 to build foundation for pilots with implementation in FY24

Interagency activities

  • US Interagency Council on Homelessness
    • Executive Director Jeff Olivet and National Initiatives Director Bev Ebersold visited Governor's Office on 11/30/22
  • Homeless Youth Subcommittee
    • Review the discharge planning, service plans, and discharge procedures for youth leaving the custody or guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Human Services' Division of Mental Health, and the Department of Corrections to determine whether such discharge planning and procedures ensure housing stability for youth leaving state systems of care
    • CSH will provide staffing of the subcommittee; DCFS graduate student intern providing support
    • Task Force Directors appointed to the subcommittee: IDPH, HFS, IDHS, IDOC, IDJJ, DCFS, Department of Guardianship & Advocacy Commission
    • IOPEH will reach out to Directors to confirm agency staff participation
    • Seeking young adults to participate on the subcommittee
  • Statewide Supportive Housing Scaling Knowledge Network
    • Learning initiative on how to scale supportive housing for people with justice and health/behavioral health issues at the state level. Intent to spark the collaboration and innovation to move from smaller, geographically limited supportive housing initiatives to state-wide, large-scale sustainable commitments.
    • State Agency Team: IDHS - DMH, IDHS - SUPR, IDOC, IHDA, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, State Homelessness Chief. Launch December 2022
  • Other Agency Updates