PM 06-34-02: Applications Received from Approved Correctional Facilties (SNAP)

WAG 06-34-02

Applications (Requesting SNAP) Received From Approved Correctional Facilities

  • Corrections staff may assist the individual with the application process via ABE, mail-in, or Fax.
  • The HSC will attempt the interview with the individual via telephone.
  • The application must be screened for expedited benefits.
  • Once the interview has been completed, the application will be held until the individual is discharged and the application will be processed.
  • The HSC processing the SNAP benefits should use the release date as the SNAP application date.
  • This SNAP application process is not intended for individuals that will be released and added to another existing active SNAP household.
  • If the individual is eligible, Form 360C Notice of Decision, will be mailed to the customer at the address provided at the time of application.

Note: If the individual does not have an address on the application, the address of the FCRC may be used.