PM 06-34-00: Prisoner Pre-Release Program (SNAP)

WAG 06-34-00

revised manual textPrisoner Pre-Release Program

  • The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) implemented a Prison Pre-Release Program effective 07/01/2020 under a Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) waiver. The waiver allows IDHS to accept SNAP applications submitted by incarcerated individuals within 5-10 days prior to their release date and to define the application date as the date of discharge. The program began as a pilot program with one participating correctional facility in July of 2020 and was gradually rolled out to other approved participating correctional facilities in the state. See the complete list of participating facilities in WAG 06-34-01. 
  • The Prisoner Pre-Release Program allows individuals to have immediate access to SNAP benefits upon release from an approved correctional facility and ensures food security as they transition back into the community. 
  • Staff at the correctional facility may assist the individual with the application process via ABE, mail-in, or Fax.
  • Individuals being released and added to an existing SNAP household do not qualify to participate in this program.