December 20, 2022 - Quality Care Board Meeting


Tuesday, December 20, 2022 11:00 a.m.



Phone (US Toll): 1-312-535-8110 (Chicago) / 1-415-655-0002

Event number (access code): 2459 295 0413 Event password: QualityCare (78254892 from phones)


Peter B Neumer, Inspector General; Charles Wright, Deputy Inspector General; William Diggins, Assistant Deputy Inspector General; Amy Tarr, Policy Development Manager; Saul J. Morse, Chairperson; Angela Hearts-Glass, Board Member; Megan Norlin, Board Member; JaeJin Pak, Board Member; Shirley Perez, Board Member; Nancy Sage, Board Member; Joyce Medley, Administrative Assistant

Called to Order

Meeting called to order at 11:01 a.m.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

The October 18, 2022, minutes were reviewed.

  • Motion to approve the minutes - Shirley Perez
  • Motion Seconded - Nancy Sage
  • All in favor, No Opposed - October 18, 2022, minutes approved

Bi-Monthly Update on OIG Operations 

There are multiple retirements at the end of 2022. There have also been internal promotions which is creating shortages of investigators.  We are bringing back retired staff on 75-day appointments to help with the workload.  Discussed staff hiring and long-term goals.  Discussed IDPH communication difficulties.

Administrative Matters

Discussed schedule for 2023 as follows:  02/21/23, 04/18/23, 06/20/23, 08/15/23, 10/17/23, 12/19/23, all at 11:00am via WebEx.

  • Motion to approve schedule - JaeJin Pak
  • Motion Seconded - Megan Norlin
  • All in favor, No opposed - 2023 schedule approved

 A reminder was provided that required 2022 trainings are to be completed by 12/31/22, and new 2023 training due dates will be sent as soon as they are set.

Other Business

The board voiced positive comments for the DD presentation on 01/03/22


  • Motion to adjourn - Angela Hearts-Glass
  • Seconded - Megan Norlin
  • All in favor, no opposed - Meeting adjourned at 12:04 pm